Defying Life

Morning light peeked through the dark curtains disturbing the darkness of the room. She blinked her eyes when the ray of light reflecting from the mirror touched her face. Her eyes were still hurting. She felt immovable as the invisible chains continued to tie to the bed. She hadn’t left the place since last six days now. Having no strength to get up, her room was now nothing less than a prison. She had begun to detest life.

She couldn’t help but think how drastically the life has changed suddenly before she could make any sense of it. Memories that kept trickling down from the eyes made her feel like they were mere flashes of the past life, this new but forced life just seemed dull and mundane.

Closing her eyes again she waited if the sleep would return but that was another hope against the odds. Sleep had never been her best friend, hence it would definitely not see her in a state like this. She begged but she was denied the favour mercilessly.

She opened her eyes and her eyes caught the sight of something glittering at the corner just below the door that marked the entrance to her self-imposed prison. She dragged herself to see what it was. All that glitters is not gold, she had recently learnt but picking up this shiny object, her lips finally twitched into a broken smile. That did hurt. The constant frown that had made its home didn’t allow the smile to pop up and spread its wings.

Holding the knife in her right hand, she let out a sigh. It seemed sharp enough to achieve what she wanted. She inhaled deeply and with the bated breath she slashed the knife through the wrist of her left hand. But even death refused her only to confirm her worst horror. Her blood was now frozen and the cuts were nothing but little scars which healed themselves in another five minutes. She threw the knife away in anger and the strength of the blow shattered the mirror, every piece of which now reflected the eternal beauty of her face. As every emotion heightened, she now knew for sure that she could not escape her new life of a vampire.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

Prompt : Bated Breath

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