Faded Footprints

Dear ex of my lover
For this letter I find no cover
I wonder
If I should call you dear
You’re the reason
He’s not near

It was sometime back
When you crushed his heart
That now it doesn’t know
About its own priceless art

You’re to me
A faceless stranger
Your indifference
Fills me with anger

You’re that person to him
Hard lessons Who taught
In my summers
A shade of winter you brought

You make me feel
The pain without my fault
He is hidden treasure
In a keyless vault

I keep waiting
Like it’s just a while
When his eyes will shine
With a carefree bright smile

There are hidden tears in my eyes
But he isn’t aware of my sleepless night
It’s like walking all alone
Towards darkness from light

I tell him
To let everything go
But he’s scared
Of into what we might grow

I give him
Sometimes some peace
Replacing your void with
My love, chocolate and cheese

My presence is peace
And I bring him joy
Yet he keeps me
Only like his favourite toy

I’m like a bird
With him who wants to fly
But you cut his wings
To even want to try

In the cold dungeons of darkness
His love is hidden
My soul keeps craving it
But it seems to be a fruit forbidden

He often says
He wants to be with me
But the very next moment
Trying to set me free

How deep is his love
He does never show
If it’s real or a dream
I’ll never know

Oh, those little acts of love
The ones that he adores
But all remains a secret
Behind the closed doors

Owing to you
My love will never be enough
To break into his heart
Like rock that’s tough

Tell me
Tell me what should I do
To escape burning
Like some coffee on Brew

How long to hold on
And not let myself break with time
When would be the day
When he’ll be only mine

If only your footprints
In his heart, I could erase
May be then I can rest
In my most wanted place.

© Inking Expressions
30th October, 2017


P.S. This piece of poetry is inspired from a beautifully painful prose written by a fellow friend explaining the pain of a person who loves a broken person. You can read it here.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

Prompt: Heartprints

Write Tribe

9 thoughts on “Faded Footprints

  1. Sometimes, those footprints are deeper in your heart than you realize, I think.
    You don’t realize how it affects you, and how it affects those around you now.
    While you search for answers, the others who care for you do as well. Sigh.
    Beautifully written, Nibha. 🙂 And happy you could complete the Problogger month!

  2. Wonderfully penned down Nibha- the anguish of a broken heart, how it leaves someone traumatised to try out love again and the person who may be trying to catch his interest, but failing to as he is too embittered!

  3. Nibha, this is such a sad poem! It broke my heart. Tell her to be patient and no rush into things. He will realise her importance in his life one day, soon. Till then, be his friend.

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