Descent Of A Raindrop

The mountains brown and green
The serene sea in shades of blue;
We drifted softly over the Earth
Painted colorful in vibrant hue.

Huddled together as the coldness grew
Inside the womb of my mother cloud;
Breathed out a heavy sigh
When clouds around grumbled out loud

Scattered away into the blue sky
Looking down over the calm ocean;
Flying around with the gusty wind
Feeling the thrill of adventurous emotion

Swayed by the strong breeze
Dropped atop a grey portico;
Joining the raindrops slipping below
Over her forehead who stood with her beau

She was a beauty for eyes to behold
As the droplet slipped on her face;
Her prince pulled her closer
And their lips touched in grace

Breaths broke rhythm and cheeks flushed red
Heartbeats filled with pure ecstasy;
The lone raindrop kissed them both
Bidding adieu in love was its destiny.

© Inking Expressions
13th June 2021

 ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

2 thoughts on “Descent Of A Raindrop

  1. This poetry is pure ecstasy and passion, done flawlessly and the contrast making it delightful.

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