(F)aith #AtoZChallenge

He let her dream and study
Against society and everybody..
A father lets her daughter grow

Against the storm he rows the boat
Guiding stars keep him afloat..
Sailor trusts the nature’s love

One wish before each night’s sleep
She has a burning candle to keep..
The mother only wants her dying son to live

Stumbling falling, she walks the road
Not letting misery to cause her explode..
She keeps her inner light to glow

Tying locks and wishes at His door
Wanting to hear a new born and no more..
They want a miracle to show

With the hatred the love can fight
In the darkness there will be light..
For who seeks with a heart pure

© Inking Expressions
6th April, 2019

This post is a part ofWrite Over the Weekend, an initiative forIndian Bloggersby BlogAdda.’ 

This April join me in a marathon of #Poetry with #AtoZ

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