The Attempt

It was his first day in college. He stood at the front of the gate, his expressions a bit amused, a bit scared. He looked around the place and could not find even a single familiar face. Everyone else didn’t even acknowledged his presence, like he was totally invisible. Though this hurt him but also at the same time gave him the confidence to walk in through that gate, attempting to blend in the crowd.
He entered the classroom that had been allotted to him according to his chosen discipline. The environment was complete opposite from the one outside. As soon as he stepped into the classroom, every single one of them present there stared at him in disbelief. A little nervous of his own capabilities he fired up his tablet screen and cross-checked the class name against his discipline – Astronomical Science. With a little confidence he took few more steps and placed himself in the front row. Like everyone else in the room, he wore the headphones that had been put on his table.
The class had no teacher, the knowledge would be imparted from the screen that was placed in the front in place of the board. The lecture was soon to begun as the door of the class automatically closed as the clock struck 9. There was absolutely no scope for late entrance or proxy attendance as the door frame scanned the person who entered. The screen came alive at 9.01am and announced in recorded female voice. Everyone heard the voice through their own pair of headphones. His face finally smiled a little when he heard the first words that came alive in his head, ” Welcome to the Inter-Terrestrial Institute of Studies. We at IIS extend our warmest wishes for all the students who have joined us from different parts of this Galaxy….”
She furiously typed whatever came to her mind and trying not to check the clock every other second, after all she had only five minutes to think and write the opening page of a science fiction novel. It was the last elimination round that she had to survive to find herself in the top contenders for the job she coveted the most.
It’s been a day and eighteen hours since she had submitted her write-up for the selection. She had already bitten half her nails in anticipation of the what-if scenarios. Sometimes anticipation can be the worst thing that can happen to a writer, she thought, as all the possible scenarios kept popping up every once in a while failing her every technique of distraction.
At 19:05 when she refreshed the website a hundredth time over that it finally showed the list of selected candidates. And she jumped out of her bed when she saw hers. Yes! she had cleared the previous round and she did it again!

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