Dear 2017

Dear 2017,

With only few hours remaining for 2018 to make home in our lives, you will now be just another year in our memories. Though I had planned to write a long letter to you about how you quite changed the course of my life but still partly laziness and party other priorities took over an this letter was shoved to the back of my mind. But like every year I couldn’t let go my the customary year end review. So I sat back and was lost in contemplation of what year you had been.

If I were to describe you, 2017, in one single word, it would be CHANGE. Though life has been full of constant changes in last two three years but you brought one of the biggest one and the one that I had been hoping for since time immemorial now. I just hope that the path you have led me on will take me places that I had always dreamt of.

Apart from the professional change, there was change of city too. You brought me back to the city which I haven’t yet began to love but can’t hate it either. Getting back to city helped in renewing many lost friendships and also building some new ones. The new experiences came with the new city and it surely brought back the nostalgia of the carefree past.

2017, You had been a year of priceless gifts, unforgettable memories, uncountable good times and ofcourse a few lessons as well. But you weren’t all rosy, there were times I hated you and couldn’t wait enough for your end. But to think of it now, I came out of it stronger may be. But lessons needn’t always come through a hard route. A few came packed like gifts as well.

With fewer posts, more laziness and some life changing reforming, I am letting you go to be archived in memories, like always taking the good memories and leaving the not-so-good ones behind. But as you hand over the baton to 2018, just ask it to be  a little kind, there are still things pending to be sort, changes needing acceptance and a few decisions pending to be made. And did I tell you that there’s a surprise coming up with the end of this letter. Oh, yeah. I have made a few postcards of memories so you don’t lose your warmth in the coldness of another 20 something archives.

Love N.

Here are your memories as promised. 


I hope you like the quick snapshot of my memories that you help me build. 


Hoping that your 2017 was mix of memories as well and coming 2018 adds new one to the older archives.

Wishing all readers a memorable 2018!!

5 thoughts on “Dear 2017

  1. This is one of the best roundups of the year I have come across nibha. Loved your idea of writing a few lines alongside images!! Change as I always say is a constant companion. And not always overcoming it is easy. You seem to have done fairly well though!!!!

    Wishing you the best for the year ahead!! Cheers!!!

  2. I love your wrap up of the year! It’s by far the most creative one I’ve seen. Sounds like 2017 was a good year for you with change being the only constant. And change can be good! Hope 2018 is wonderful! Happy New Year!

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