O my little heart,
Why don’t I hear you beating?
Wondering if You and I,
could set up a quick meeting.
Nay, Let me be hidden here,
Away from the sight of the world,
Don’t know whom to trust,
There ain’t any without a twisted word.
Those aching words of my heart,
Broke me further in pieces so little.
Always ready for the world ahead,
It wasn’t so strong, just so brittle.
In the faint thumping of my heart,
Silent sobbing I often hear,
Visiting its scars of betrayal and deceit,
I feel the pain it has to bear.
When boundless love that showers,
Overwhelmed it swells.
Finding it hard to believe,
On uncertainty it dwells.
Come thou, out of that dark chamber,
Let’s walk towards the light.
With my words of courage,
I hope, for happiness, it might fight.
Waiting for hours and days,
I listen hard to hear a reply.
But to my failure,
It’s now even scared to try.
© Inking Expressions
1st February, 2018

Linking this piece of poetry to Wednesday Verses

Prompt : Afraid

9 thoughts on “Afraid

  1. I’ve been here once, but once I decided to let go off the fear and try I have never had to face this again. Hope you find the strength to do so too.

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