Hidden Gem – Orchha

Sometime ago, we were invited to attend a friend’s wedding at Jhansi. With my birthday being round the corner, we planned an extended trip around the venue. Orchha. Taken as a small two-day trip, this small town of Madhya Pradesh, just about 30 minutes’ drive away from Jhansi took our breath away. Declared as the UNESCO world heritage sites in 2020, Orchha hails of its historic importance and natural beauty.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is indeed a hidden gem of Madhya Pradesh.

Here are my top reasons to visit Orchha:

UNESCO declared World Heritage Site

Orchha Fort Complex

If you’re an architecture enthusiast, this place is a must to be added to your bucket list. Awaiting the true recognition. Orchha sits with thousand untold legends.

Exposure to Splendor of Bundelkhand History and Heritage

Light and sound show at Orchha Fort

Established by the Rajput Ruler, Rudra Pratap Singh, Orchha became the seat of Bundelkhand region. It oversaw many developments like Orchha Fort, Ram Raja Temple, Jahangir Mahal. The tale of this city’s fascinating history is showcased for tourists through a Light and Sound show that happens every evening inside Orchha Fort complex.

Experience Staying inside the Fort

MPT Sheesh Mahal

Situated inside Orchha Fort Complex, next to Jahangir Mahal, Sheesh Mahal has been converted into a hotel by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. Staying inside the fort gives a glimpse into the lost glory of the history of Orchha.

Experience Tranquility

Sunrise from the Orchha Fort Complex

Situated on the banks of River Betwa, Orchha is just not another heritage town. It also offers a peek into nature. Watching sunrise from the between the jungle trees by the riverside was truly an astounding experience. Evening boat rides by the riverbank overlooking the centuries old cenotaphs is an experience to behold close to heart.

Experience the Joy of exploring off-beat destination

Cycling tour in the wilderness of the Jungles

Being an off-beat location, not many people are aware of this little exquisite town. This gives you a chance to unravel the stories and walk the trails of this town.

Coming up as the next hot candidate for the destination weddings, Orchha is a delight. While our short stay here, we came across a Cycle Tour Organizers – Orchha Cycling Adventure. There wouldn’t have been a better way to explore the heritage and tranquility of the quiet city in the morning hours. Riding through the slopes of the town, with cool breeze hitting our faces, the stories of this hidden heritage amazed us. It was like truly waking up from sleep to the mesmerizing beauty.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Gem – Orchha

  1. This really hidden Gem of Bundelkhand, you rightly narrated beauty of Betwa
    River side showing crystal clear water.
    Sheeshmahal Stay is also unique experience.

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