The Pitter-Patter

The Lost Emerald

Chapter One

The Pitter-Patter

Pitter-patter of the rain continues in the background. She rushes around the bedroom collecting things for him to get ready for office. It’s been six years since they have shifted in their home. But he still fails to retrieve his own things for office, she wonders.

Placing his things on one side of the bed, she rushes to the living room to tidy things up. A few guests were planned to visit for dinner and she won’t be having any spare time in the evening to tidy things up before their arrival. She still didn’t trust her household help to do things her way, even after two years of her employment.

Looking at her mud-stained sandals she frowns at the untimely rains. Once upon a time, these little things used to be the things she felt ecstatic about. But not anymore. Now, these were just obstacles on a fine day. Today, it was a reminder of the previous night.

She kept staring out at the rain from the French window of her living room, sandals in hand. She was so lost in pondering about the episode of the previous night that she jolted with surprise when Arjun held her waist from behind and hugged her close.

“Eeeeeee, get a shower first please!” She requested, making a face.

“OK!” He shrugged sheepishly.

“But which world are you lost in?” he questioned as he started to walk towards the bedroom, pulling off his sweat-soaked tee and throwing it in the laundry basket on the way.

“Umm, nothing…just about the evening.”

“Don’t worry so much, it’s not the first time they are visiting us”, he vanished behind the door.

“Sure..”, her voice trailed off and a shiver went through her being as the thoughts about the past evening returned instead of the future.

Chapter Two

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