Lonely Soul

At times i really miss,
All the glory that i used to had.
Never thought it would turn this way
This strange, this lonely, this bad.

In the room of loneliness
Want to sit back and cry.
Seeing around the world i am in
Want to run away or go fly.

Oblivious of the world around
Dwelling on thoughts very deep.
Strange was the feeling
Under my skin that would creep.

Darkness and sadness engulfed me
Made my vision blurry and unclear.
Tried enough to be tough and strong
Through the eyes rolled down a tear.

Nobody now seems to care
Pain is all my heart now bears.
Holding up my head high
My smile now hides all the fears.

When uncertainty filled my heart
With a smile i got off the bed.
Having no one to share the journey
Lonely was the path i led.


12 thoughts on “Lonely Soul

  1. That, Nibha, is touching and wonderfully penned! Am so so glad that Vinitha shared it 🙂 Am not sure what else to say, for, I am re-reading it 🙂 Cheers! And, I agree with Saru

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