Walk in Woods

I am walking through the woods, alone. There are trees on both sides of the trail I am following. Leaves of all shapes and shades are scattered all ovee the ground. Sun is shining brightly above, but its light hardly reaching the ground. The canopy of the trees is blocking the sunlight. Only a few rays manage to penetrate through the web of leaves. Soft breeze plays with my hair, which aren’t tied into a ponytail anymore.
I can feel the rustling of leaves but I can’t hear it. Music playing at its loudest in my ears, blocking all the sounds that may soothe or scare me.

I keep walking unaware of the destination. Zillions thoughts coming to existence and dying with change of every song that plays on my phone. I keep moving. There is no one to stop me. There is no one to stop for. I keep moving, taking in the beauty of nature around me. It’s nature at its best, in wilderness, totally undisturbed and untouched. This makes me think of the new borns, how beautiful their life is, untouched by the realities of fate.
Just when I am thinking of everything about life, I feel an eerie silence suddenly. I slow down. After few seconds, I realize that music isn’t playing anymore.
I hear someone calling my name. I am unable to trace the owner of the voice. It’s coming from somewhere far far away.
Before I can put my grey cells to work out the identity of the person calling me, everything begins to tremble. The dancing trees are going to take away my life today. I can’t stand still anymore. It feels like I am experiencing an earthquake. I feel the fear rising. But Before I can I react to the earthquake, I again hear my name being called out. A little louder and from a little more closer this time. Its as if God is calling me closer to him. Unable to decide what to do, I close my eyes. But this voice seems to be familiar. Strikingly familiar.

The voice grows louder and louder each passing moment. Hesitantly I open my eyes. I find myself lying on my bed. My phone is discharged, the reason music isn’t playing anymore! Seeing me awake, my roommate sighs! Her efforts for waking me up account for the earthquake!
“Oh Finally! Welcome back from your trance!”
Remembering “the walk in woods“, I couldn’t help smiling.

This post is written in response to the Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now. (Post entirely in present tense)


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