Do I look most beautiful?

Dear Daughter,

Today I take time to answer to your repeated and consistent question.

The day you went to school for the first time. Dressed in your first school uniform, you had asked nonachantly, “Do I look most beautiful mumma?”
You looked beautiful sweetheart!

Then it was your fancy dress day at school. You were so eager to win the first prize but your friend seized it. You had asked innocently in your princess dress, “Didn’t I look most beautiful as a princess?”
You did my princess!

Remember when you wore Saree for the first time. It was your farewell that day. Nervously you asked, “Mom do I look most beautiful now?”
You looked gorgeous that day.

Now as you get ready for your wedding day, I know you are going to ask the same question again.
And the answer is Yes, my darling daughter, my princess, you do look the most beautiful as ever; since the day I held you in my arms for the first time 25 years ago.

Love you always,

Tears filled her eyes as she read the letter. She stood staring the mirror, indeed looking beautiful in the red wedding dress. The faint memories of her mom flashed in front of her.
“I do look most beautiful, mom!”, she murmured.

This post is written in response to the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt- I/She looked most beautiful.

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Write Tribe


16 thoughts on “Do I look most beautiful?

  1. Nibha my sweet little sis on ur marriage I will say U look so much beautiful as I have seen U from ur cchilhood…. With lots of love to u

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