Love? What’s this?

Love? And what’s this?

Well, these days everyone seems to have an opinion about it! A description of what this feeling is! For me, I am still an alien to this feeling called love! Strange, isn’t it? But based on the anecdotes of my friends I guess I can write a thesis on the topic if the need may arise! Well, to a person who grew up watching Bollywood movies (where every movie have to have a love story, irrespective of its genre), this isn’t a new topic to write on.

So, what encouraged this post? It’s valentine’s season and Love is all around?
No, what actually happened is that, one of my friend happened to ask me about my views on the same topic and I started thinking….


Here’s what I thought….

Is it the same way love is, the way movies and novels describe it? Always? How can anyone define it when it actually means different to everyone? There seems to be no perfect answer to these questions! But Are some of us actually alien to the thing called love? I don’t think so.

We all experience it from the day born till the day we die. It’s just different for everyone. Its just not always the way described. I see it everywhere. Just turn around and you will see it too.

I see it my mother’s eyes when she cooks my favorite food. In her smile when I smile. In her tears when I am in pain. If this isn’t love then what’s this?

I see in my father’s eyes when my little achievement makes him proud. In his encouragement when I fail. If this isn’t love then what’s this?

I see it my sister’s eyes who cries when I leave even though fighting all time when I am home. In the little cards she sends me. In her loneliness when she misses me. If this isn’t love then what’s this?

I see in my brother’s voice when he scolds me. In his care when he checks whether I safely reached the destination. If this love then what’s this?

If we choose to ignore it we won’t see it in anywhere. If choose to see, its everywhere!

In grandpa’s pampering, in grandma’s knitted sweaters, in cousins’ random discussions, in friends’ drama but who are always there by the side no matter what, in dreamer’s dreams and so on!

A person’s actions shows it when he helps the underprivileged, a painter’s brush says it when he paints, a writer’s pen tells it when he writes, singer’s melody describes it, dancer’s choreography expresses it… And the list may not end… If it is not love then what it is??

source: Google
source: Google

So, If you go looking for love, you won’t find anywhere else because its right there, in your heart. You just need to feel. So, don’t keep waiting for the ‘one’ to feel it… Just feel it.. It was always there and always will! Love is within and all around!

Source: Google
Source: Google

So to everyone, A very Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Source: Google
Source: Google



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