Thoughtless Thoughts

The time I read this week’s Saturday prompt of Write Tribe, I thought what happens when we free our mind. It’s the thoughts all over the mind! I thought, is it possible to Free the mind and still bind it 100 words. I tried. Here’s what I scribbled.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Sitting with random thoughts,
thoughts that killed the time;
I took a few words,
started to make them rhyme.

River of endless thoughts,
constantly flows in the mind;
Random memories, sweet and sour,
Hidden in heart, we find.

Thoughts of life and death,
Of future, present and past;
Of people, friends and family,
Nostalgic are thoughts that last.

Those constant little thoughts,
will make you feel so blue;
You try pushing them away,
But there’s nothing you can do.

Moments of victory and joy,
Thoughts of glory and achievement;
fills your heart with pride,
Leaves no reason to ever lament.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


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