Journey From Alto To Audi

She stopped scribbling and closed her Black Diary, her confidante. It was time. She got up to get dressed in her favourite white dress. This occasion was long awaited. She has finally done it. Everyone was so proud of her. Her dad beaming with pride was busy receiving phone calls from everyone as the news spread gradually. Her mom had a constant smile on her face. She always wanted to be the reason behind their smiles and she finally did it. She has made them proud. They were now known by her name.

She stood in front of the mirror, admiring her beautiful curls. She always loved her curls. White was always her favourite. She looked beautiful today. A happy smile adorned her face today since morning. There wasn’t any need for any other jewel. She had the most precious one-A Happy Smile. Staring at herself she rehearsed a few answers she had learnt by heart for today.Today was a big day, her big day. The more she thought about it, happier she became and wider her smile grew. She pinched herself every now and then, thinking that it was all a dream. But she has turned her dreams into reality. She has proved that dreams do come true if you really want them to.

“Di, Car is here. Let’s go”, said her little sister, as she entered her room in her purple dress, even more excited than her.
“Yah Let’s go”, she said cheerfully, not hiding even the slightest of her excitement.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Shining Black Audi Q5 awaited the family in front of the house. She pinched herself again as sat in the car. Today was the first of many such rides in this car, in her car, her dream car. While walking with her friends during her college days, she had always said that she would have this car no matter what. And today was the day. She took out her phone from her purse and typed a text to her friends.
“Please put that aside atleast for a day!”, chided her mom. Phones always raised her blood pressure.
“Yes Mom!”, she quickly hit ‘Send’ and and hid the phone back into the purse.

She felt butterflies in her stomach as the car stopped in front of the Landmark Book Store. She could see a few reporters inside with cameras. Though nervousness showed on her face, yet she confidently walked inside the Bookstore. Her family followed her and took seats in front row. As she took the seat between the publisher and the editor, she was asked her first question and she went blank. She saw the people who were awaiting their turn to get their copy of the book signed and her confidence found its way back.

“Ms. Nibha. you described life of a friendship in your book, “Just A Friendship”. How will you describe your journey so far?”
She didn’t know where the answer came from but it made the headlines in the literary world next day, “I would just say, A Journey From Alto to Audi! And that will say it all I guess. But if you want to hear more…”
“Yes, Please. We are all ears”
“The journey started when I was six….”

 This post is written as the prologue to a novel,  in response to the following prompt.

Your life is going to be made into a novel! Write an introduction for this novel. How will you creatively reflect on your life spent?


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  1. woah!! i totally loved this one nibhz 🙂 audi, landmark, reporters… it cant get any better 😉

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