Clash Of Cosmetics #NuptialNarratives

Bright blue sky.
Sun shining at its high.
Trees swaying to the calm spring breeze.

Our car smoothly glided through the sector lanes before joining the weekend madness of traffic on the expressway headed towards Delhi. As the music (read annoying ads) decided the car ambience, I couldn’t help but laugh about a cosmetics brand’s claim for beautiful glowing skin synonymous to shining career alongside.

P who was behind the wheels curiously asked about the reason for my mirth. I went on to explain to him the folly of it and all other cosmetics. What had started with innocent laughter launched a full discussion of sorts as we walked in the super bazaar for our monthly dose of groceries. Following the divide-and-conquer policy, we quickly dispersed into the sections of our expertise. I of course headed towards kitchen supplies and vegetables while he volunteered to fetch snack food and toiletries. We were to meet at the billing counter, the first one of us to reach there would grab a spot for quicker check-out.

Disappointed with the freshness of the vegetables I reached the billing counter way earlier than expected. As I stood behind four other persons, I looked at two kids fighting over the colors of their cars. As my eyes gazed around, I found P in the alley of skincare products weighing options to buy toothpaste. I gave away my spot in the billing queue to help my confused husband.

“Confused?”, I asked, my grin silently reminding him of the discussion we just had had.
“Guilty as charged!” he replied shrugging his shoulders.
“Of course we should opt for a herbal one, it’s better”, I spoke.
“But I don’t like it. It’s…..”, he spoke with a pause, “…umm…. quite tasteless. Moreover, it has no color. It’s opaque. And it doesn’t even feel fresh. What’s the point of using it then!”
“But those colors are because of lots of chemicals that have gone into it to make it alluring”, the discussion went on for another five minutes before we settled on buying both, each one according to one’s own preference. However, a similar quest went on for choosing moisturizers as well.

The new set of products now sat beside the mirror, might well be feeling amused amongst themselves about the crazy couple who couldn’t agree on one brand to buy. I stared at the plethora of cosmetics on the shelf and couldn’t stop myself from wondering how silly little incidents make up this journey called married life.

I picked up my preferred cleanser and lotion to continue my night routine but my mind wandered towards the fabric of companionship. How these seemingly little things test our patience sometimes! How minute insignificant clashes as little as choosing a toothpaste can tell teach us about acceptance! How making space for each other’s little choices helps us grow together!

I walked into our bedroom, my retrospect smile met his raised eyebrows. My smile grew broader as I walked towards the switchboard and switch off the light, even though it wasn’t my turn tonight. We slept peacefully, having understood each other a little better today and having accepted each other a little more with our quirks.

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