Thirst of a Shopaholic

Do I want to go shopping?
Err..Umm.. Yes..or.. No!Β 
Yes I want to shop it all
But don’t know where to go!

To buy all that I wantΒ 
Would be such a sweet bliss!
With all sale and discounts
How could I give it a miss!

That red pair of stilettos
Makes me go wow!
It’s the classy black dress,
That I want right now!

That beautiful diamond necklace
The showroom proudly displays.
It’s the game of brands,
With emotions of my heart it plays!

All those fancy gadgets
They put to tantalize.
My greed for new books
Nobody does ever empathize.

The wishlist never ends
But grows like fire.
Please Take me shopping
To fulfill my every desire.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Β Linking this to Poetry Jam Prompt- Thirst


Ultimate Blog Challenge- Day 4



23 thoughts on “Thirst of a Shopaholic

  1. A typical girly wish! I wish the same in fact! I wish somebody could take you shopping to fulfill all your desires :p

  2. This cosmatic world always lure all to fun
    With shopies …& pass the time in these
    Materials …but think abt ultimate gain at last.

  3. Ha, this made me smile. I think this is the ‘thirst’ that many share. Ha, I would take a few books & a few gadgets, but will stay away from those red stilettos! Thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam!

  4. Nice take on the prompt. Shopping is not my thing anymore… but then again, if I didn’t have to worry so much about money it just might be.

  5. ha. i can honestly say, i don not thirst for most shopping…unless we are going to the book store…ha…i dont mind going with my wife, though i often take a book while i wait as she is in the dressing room…or exploring with my boys until she is ready to show off for us.

  6. aha shopping thirst! I am a shopaholic too and this poem made me feel like I want to go shopping now!

  7. Wooha so you’re also a shopaholic! I can totally relate myself to this – in fact, I must confess it made me smile from the very first line. A really original take on the prompt! I just love it!

  8. Phew, I just cleared my credit card debt and assassinated my inner shoppaholic. Now I shop in a guarded fashion and only with my debit card. Money in money out. This was a tantalizing poem indeed. I think I need some new writing materials. :0)

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