Unsaid Goodbye


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She left him without saying the last goodbye.
He felt betrayed for his last questions were still unanswered.
He was left with no answers but only, memories that made his tears fall freely.
Nature joined him in his moment of grief, crying incessantly.
Hopeless he sat by her grave, missing her dance in the rain.

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26 thoughts on “Unsaid Goodbye

  1. This is touching !!! Just five sentences make you feel this fiction as in real, great job Nibha. Well penned and great usage of image.

  2. Wonderfully said, realistically sad.
    I haven’t lost a spouse/partner to death (selfishly, I hope I’m the one who goes first in my relationship because I couldn’t bear life without him.) My dad died last year. There was a lot unspoken between us. I wanted to talk about it but he was a very stoic person. That was the main issue between us. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, he kept his bottled up.
    I enjoyed your piece.

  3. Aah! That’s heart-wrenching! A beautiful blend of words that created a vivid imagery! Good one, Nibha πŸ™‚

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