Decoding Friendship!

Recently International Friendship Day (Observed on First Sunday of August) went by. It meant celebration of FRIENDSHIP! And I wondered what Friendship actually is!


Friend. Friendship. It’s a word that’s not new to any of us. Right?
The moment a child steps out of the house for the very first time entering school, he/she starts to socialize, and make friends. How simple life was when we were kids! Anyone we talked to instantly became our friend with no hidden hard feelings. I wish the things were same now. As we grow up, friends get categorized: friends, acquaintances, classmates, hostelmates, college friends, coaching friends, friends of same group, close friends, best friends and the list is long! One or two of the lucky ones would get the honorable tag of being the best friends! Silly but true isn’t it?

Sharing with friends depends on the level of friendship shared with them. Well, that perfectly marked the difference from what childhood friendship was sharing everything equally with everyone. No ifs and buts! But the scene changes as we mature. Words are chosen with respect to the listener not the speaker.

Everyone says that best friend knows it all. I ask you, is it really true? Aren’t there still some things deep in your heart that even your best friend doesn’t have a clue about? Whatever be your answer, yes or no. It did make you think for a while. Didn’t it?
But why do we divide the categories? Sharing a bit here and a bit there because we are scared of putting all the eggs in the same basket?? Is it the insecurity of being judged or the presumptions that the person won’t just understand? Or there isn’t enough trust in the person/ friendship? Or the fear that the secret we hold so deep in our heart will not be a secret anymore? What is the reason, I wonder! Why can’t we treat every friend equal? I understand the fact that everything can’t be told to every single person whom we call our friend (with ever increasing friend list on social media) but what about inner circle of friends we have? Do we share everything with them? I am sure the answer will be NO! The circle of those friends whom we shout out to be the closest, is also the target of partiality. In this close knit circle, just one/two will know us inside out and sometimes this count might even turn out to be zero..
So eventually, with so many friends around, we end up being alone with the company of those unspoken thoughts circling our mind constantly waiting to be heard.
So, is this friendship is all about?? May be!

But whatever we might go through or whatever we might/might not hide, we still need friends and for them we will always be ready to do anything because although we don’t share ourselves wholly, we do share a part of us with each one of them differently!

So share what you think about friendship?

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15 thoughts on “Decoding Friendship!

  1. I suppose it’s always going to be safe to say that even your “best friend” knows not “everything” about you. But probably the most about you. Of course, with social media and technology, friendships are sometimes made (And broken) with equal gusto. Interesting post, Nibha.

  2. Agree with ur thoughts. Post college found it a tough call to move away from friends..they matter a lot to one’s existence. Though, friendship and love are two of the most abused words!

  3. I know what you mean. We do tend to share only bits and pieces with our friends, the size of the information bit varies with proximity we feel with them. No one knows all our secrets 🙂 Great post

  4. I guess we all have things we keep to ourselves and don’t want to share with others. Yes, we are quite selective when it comes to people who we share our innermost feelings with. As we age, I think that circle of close friends become smaller. 🙂

  5. I have not been very fortunate with having many good friends but I do have one friend whom I’ve known all my life…Somehow I have found great companionship being alone with myself because I guess I don’t want to be hurt anymore…But yes those that have many good friends, I’m sure they are very lucky…

  6. I know what you say but when I say my best friend knows it all, I mean he knows me well that i dont have to say anything, he knows 🙂 .. but you are right there are still some things that he probably does not know..

    Blogging has taught me a GOOD lesson especially when i did not blog for almost 16-17 months, I found that social media friendship is just for the SAKE of it, and people are very mean. I use to hold friendship very high and believed in it BUT the experience and how people are has made me think twice now and I do think twice..

    I am blessed I have some lovely friends, I do wish though some of the so called blogging friends are not THAT MEAN 🙂

  7. Thought-provoking post! Yes, there will always be something we never divulge, although my husband knows more about me than anyone else. 🙂 I only have a handful of true friends whom I confide in. Over the years, I’ve been burned many times by so-called “friends” and it takes a lot for me to let my guard down. Thanks for participating in the Write Tribe Blog Carnival. Have a good weekend.

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