The Sunday Scroll #14

Sunday Scroll

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a lovely time out there. Specially the Indian Readers, with all those festivities going on with one festival after another to celebrate and rejoice. I wish I could join in. This is that time of the year- the festive time- that we (the people away from home) miss being at home the most! Yes, I’m again stricken with homesickness virus. *tears* So, writing was the only refuge I could think of to vent out my heart’s feelings! *sobs*

Source: Google
Source: Google

Yes, these days writing has also become a task on the to-do list! 🙁 My hearts literally aches when I see awesome prompts and then let them go! Same happens when I let month-long challenges pass by with a heavy heart! :/ So, is the helplessness of Life! I just hope this ends really soon. Hope is the only thing we hang on to, right?

Source: Google
Source: Google

But on the brighter side, amidst this hectic schedule, we took out time last Sunday to celebrate Friendship Day with two back-to-back parties! The day was devoid of all worries and tension, total bliss! I so wished that the day with Friends would never end, but It did and brought hypertension the very next day.
And then by the end of this week I was left with a weird emotion of being “Almost There” but yet not there! It felt like a gift given to a five-year-old was snatched away before the gift could even be opened! You get it what kind of feeling I’m talking about, right? 😛 Well, to speak of this, It wasn’t actually that I never experienced it ever before! It did bring back a few familiar memories when things have seemed “Too Good To Be True” but they weren’t!

too good to be true

Anyways, I’m waiting for my share of miracles to happen! *Fingers Crossed*

Source: Google
Source: Google

Until Next Sunday,

Keep Smiling!


6 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #14

  1. HOME is realiy sweet Home.your post give me flash of past days when was is in Dwarahat.But it never stop us to go to perform our responsibilies provided we develop ourself in a strong persona…..u need review ……………..

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