Footprints In Time

30s! What a daunting number, if you let it be one otherwise a number that’s full of wisdom notes!! Today as I sit by my balcony and sip my morning coffee, soaking in the sun, I can’t help but look back in retrospect what my twenties have taught me. It’s like walking again on those lost footprints in time.

Twenties are usually a roller coaster ride for anyone and everyone. We gather memories and experiences, not just degrees and pay-checks. We learn life lessons not just the lyrics of our favorite song. We begin to see the life for what it really is without those rose-tinted glasses. So, by the time we arrive at the new decade of thirties, we are no longer what we used to be in our twenties, carefree and nonchalant. With our own baggage of lessons, regrets, experiences, memories and hope; we enter a new phase of life.

My twenties were no different. They shaped me into who I am today. Though I might be a bit sad about their end but I’m definitely grateful for the person they made me. From the shy introvert girl, they turned me into, I would say, a fine confident woman who can deal with the world if the need be (though who might still need a corner with a book at the end of the day!)

Twenties gave me friendships that I cherish to the core of my heart. To have and hold such friendship in heart is truly a divine gift of universe. The core niche of people to depend on whenever I want or need makes my heart full.

Twenties gave me courage for sure and made me brave enough to take a step towards my dreams, to jump out of my comfort zone and seize those unreal moments of life which gave me goosebumps.

Twenties gave me love– enchanting and sweep-me-off-my-feet kind of love. Love that was surreal at times and scary at others.

Twenties gave me a loving life-partner, a person whom I can trust and build my life with. A person who makes me a better person and makes us even a greater team.

Twenties gave me a new perspective on life and changed my beliefs towards many things. It made me more compassionate towards the inevitable changes of life. Walking through some of the biggest changes of life, transformed me into a different person.

Twenties gave me lessons to sail through the ocean of life without drowning. It taught me to swim though the toughest waters and come out a winner. It taught me the only comparison I need in my life is with myself and not anyone else.

Twenties gave me adventures to create a few fables to reminisce on such sombre occasion and add a little laughter to these moments.  

Penned just a few out of the list of many escapades my twenties gave me. Just the thought of the bigger changes ahead makes my heart full. Some thoughts make me nervous but looking back I’m ascertained that no matter what, things will turn out better than I expect them to be. Taking these wisdom notes from the previous decade I happily walk into the next one, hoping to write my story the way I wish to.

2 thoughts on “Footprints In Time

  1. Again after a long wait I read your journey to twentieth onward.You
    Can’t imagine and realize my pleasure after reading this.Memories penned by
    You are enough to cherish the same as
    I always focussed on LIFE to stretch it like
    SPECTRUM…..But never really
    did good job to documented…Enjoy Life in every phase as it’s really unpredictable in comparison of previous one.

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