Somethings Go Missing Forever… But A Few Things Stay!

December is here today. Being my Birthday month it usually brings so much excitement and happiness (Yes, I still get happy and excited when birthday approaches, what’s wrong in that?? ) but this time there are few things that November took away and December can’t bring them back, infact nothing can!

Life which was full of drama, excitement, happiness, sadness, frustration, fun, anger, disappointment, surprises; has now suddenly come to an abrupt halt. It’s like silence all around with only voices in the head to break it.

It’s been more than 10 days that college ended with the last semester exam and what followed was creation and collection of memories with a week full of pure fun and nothing else. Everything else was literally put on hold (and so was this post). But during this quest of holding on to each and every moment, a few things slipped away never to return.

College Life: Yes, it ended. So with it ended with it the era of countless bunks, canteen chitchats, assignments, exams, proxies, projects, presentations, deadlines, pointless drama, reasonless parties, constant teasing, silly Truths and not-so-daring Dares, forever friendships, pampering each other, fulfilling each other’s little wishes, shopping trips, exploring new places, crazy photoshoots, CCDs, Maggi, not-so-perfect-advices, sweet and bitter experiences, smiles and tears.. The list is endless….

Another phase of life that ended is Hostel Life: It was a totally different life style when I had moved out of home but slowly it was routine. Soon my life was full of friends that became family, sorrows that turned to laughter, Maggi that became staple diet, not-so-edible food of mess, sleepless nights full of chatter, endless late night gossips, spending hours in room other than mine, fights, homesick moments, politics, night-long parties, birthday celebrations, heartbreak stories, silly games, random confessions, weird revelations and much more. This ended as I stepped out with my luggage but my bag wasn’t only full of books and clothes, instead I stepped out with my life full of love and friends and the memories that I will forever cherish.

But it’s not like everything has gone. Few things have stuck with me to be there in the next level of this game called Life. May be not where I am but surely in my heart.

This phase indeed taught me lessons for life, which will stay forever in my heart, a few of them are these:

>> Adjustment is the key to survival, especially at a new place.

>> Words aren’t always enough, you need actions to prove them too.

>> A person isn’t what he/she might seem to be. There are so many layers, you just need to dig deeper. You might find someone similar to yourself.

>> Changing yourself isn’t easy but sometimes this is the only option.

>> Yet, don’t change yourself to the extent that your Originality vanishes.

>> Value your uniqueness yourself first, other will value it too.

>> Only your True Friends will accept you as you are.

>> Apologize easily. It’s the person and the relationship that matters not the mistake, isn’t it?

>> Patience. It’s the ultimate virtue that comes in handy while dealing with anyone to everyone.

>> Anger never sets the things right, it messes them.

>> Be a good listener. Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to listen. Just be there. It works like magic.

Apart from these lessons, what will always stay is the memories I made in these years. Memories that will sometime slow me down and will sometime urge me to move forward. Then the friends I made will stay in my heart forever, their selfless love and support will always guide me towards the path of success and I also wish them the same.

Now when it’s time to turn the page to write new chapter of my life, I so want to keep re-reading the chapter that just ended. Life seems to be standstill right now, atleast for a few days. It’s like void, silence is deafening, memories are making me both smile and cry at the same time, it isn’t easy to let go so I am letting it stay.

It’s like Clock ticked a little faster just when I wanted to hold on each moment a little longer!! 

And this is how it feels!!

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