Dear Bhopal

Dear Bhopal,

It’s been a week that I left you rather to say it’s just a week and I am already missing you much. It’s not like it’s the first time I left you but this time it’s like forever. There’s no coming back now, may that’s the reason why there is a void which is being felt daily. When I look back, I see you smiling with so many memories. I left the place but packed a whole lot of memories with me, more than what my suitcase could contain! It was over-flowing, trust me. But I wish memories could recreate the past! 🙁

When I had met you two-and-a-half-years ago, I didn’t know that I will fall in love with you so soon; that you will slowly win over my heart and will ease the pain I felt when I left Jaipur (although not completely but you hold a totally different place in my heart). But you managed to do it pretty soon and really well too!! It felt like second home to me. You didn’t seem to be alien when our carefree tours and trips started. You always kept me safe and most important of all you gave me what I needed the most- Peace!

Well, apart from Peace, you showered me with so many priceless gifts. I can never repay you for that. Those gifts were none other than the People you made me meet here, people who became friends and then family. All those places we used to hangout might not miss our presence as there will million more to come but we already miss our hangouts for sure! Those aimless walks in campus, those hours of discussion about dreams by the Lakeside, those emotional hellos and goodbyes at the railway stations, those fights over food in our favourite restaurants, those curses for silly movie outings, those hours of tiresome shopping at DB/new market, those maggi moments and cooking experiments, those picture perfect sunsets… These may be nothing of much value to you, but for me these moments are unforgettably priceless!! **sobs**

And how can I not thank you for the helping me in helping me rediscover my lost talent- my writing. Don’t know how, but it happened here and then followed so many good things that I myself couldn’t believe. You made me who I am today, a better version of myself, may be a different person than who I was earlier. Thanks a ton for helping me find a new self.

As this chapter of my life ended, I already bade you a teary farewell. Though these tears may resurface time and again yet don’t you worry. I will still walk with a smile on my face and memories in my heart writing a new chapter of my life. So, as I close this letter, you must be wondering why I write it in the first place. To which I reply- For the Words that weren’t said that day….

Hope to see you again soon,

Loads of Love,

This letter isn’t a part of 30 Letter Series , but still if you got something similar, Do share it and link it in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Dear Bhopal

  1. I know exactly how you feel. There are some places which grow on you – the memories and friends, the moments … it is not about the big fancy places but the little ones that gave you comfort .

  2. This letter almost made me cry coz am also on a verge to leave a place and start a new chapter in my life. This place gave me a lot of memories and taught me a lot of things that helped me become a better person in my life….thanks for sharing your words….they were worth reading….hope the new place gives you more and more memories…:)

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