The Sunday Scroll #19

Sunday Scroll

Hi all,

I know I don’t have time for this but I just couldn’t let this go! How can my very own blog be spared from feeling the extreme happiness I am feeling since yesterday???

Somebody said it right, Happiness is always knocking at the door we just have to open it and receive it. So right it is! And I saw it yesterday! Happiness was spilling over our faces and anyone could have guessed how happy we are just by our faces! 😀 😀 Day was full of drama filled with fear, anger, disappointment, tension then relief and happiness! We were wishing for a miracle to happen when I said if Miracles happen, one should happen now and we should witness it today! And guess what??? It did and I witnessed it with my very own eyes! Yes Miracles do happen!

Source: Google
Source: Google

Happiness like that is hard to put into words! I felt how is it to feel the happiness of others way more than our own! May be this is what friend friendship is!  😀 😀

Then amidst all this, My little Store- KRAFT CONA got two more orders!! Haven’t visited it yet?? Go visit now!!

It was a perfect day yesterday and therefore the week was one too, which I forgot to mention it until now! The week initially started on high note for tension with the project demonstration but then ended far more differently than what our group had imagined. A total makeover! 😛 In between, there were moments filled with fun of incomplete outings, random plans, truths and some silly dares. And also playing peek-a-boo with the books ofcourse!!

Well, you totally see how Happy I am that I couldn’t resist sharing it even though the finals kick off from tomorrow!! I may have to study whole night now but this was surely worth writing and sharing! Isn’t it?? Scold me if I am wrong but I just had too! I hardly write on impulse anyway! First time it is!

So how was yours?? Had fun? Did you witness any miracle?? Do share!

Until Next Sunday,

Keep Smiling.


P.S.- You may not believe but my laptop crashed just before hitting the publish button and I literally reworte the whole post!! :/ Now may be you could feel my happiness! 😛


15 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #19

  1. Well, you now remind me my one of my fav. books called “The Secret” written by “Rhonde Bryne”… which says, “Thoughts become things but you`ve to be true to yourself.” Something like that!

    Anyway, Nice post! You know what, “Miracles” & “Time” are foes of each other. Neither miracle loves the seduction of time nor time loves the happenings of miracles, no matter what cause, there`s no thing like “Miracle” in the world. “Miracle” is being replaced with “Believe” so, if you have believe in what you do, it`d make you feel around “Miracles”. This`s a very cool post written by a sharp quill of your beautiful heart with an ink of your love. Indeed. You`ve got some believe in you and that`s all what led you to your peaceful happiness brought by “belief” in a phrase of “Miracle”. What a whirl you whirled across your pages! Liked it!

    Ps. I like the title “Sunday Scroll” as well. It sounds like a great cup of coffee! I`m eventually curious to read “Sunday Scroll`s all series now, I must start off from… #1” Cause, I think, the series you working on could be turn into a great book. You must think `bout it!

    I`d be looking forward to reading your happiest blogs!

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