Little Letters

Source: Google
Source: Google

Dear words,
Let me drown in the world you create,
Take me to the place I eagerly await.

Dear music,
I wish your loudness could heal the pain,
Stop these eyes, so often they rain.

Dear movies,
Let the Prince save me from this world’s reality,
And take Me away from this cruelty.

Dear Time,
Power to heal wounds you hold,
Please hide the scars so bold.

Dear wind,
Stop by me and touch my soul,
Take away the thoughts drilling a hole .

Dear Tears,
Escape whenever there is any need to,
Taking away with you the feelings so blue.

Dear Rain,
Let my heart enjoy your flurries
Washing away all the worries.

Dear Darkness,
Hide all that I cannot reveal,
Behind my smile which I conceal.

Dear Pen,
Let me bleed the feelings of my heart
And create a masterpiece of my art.


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