Footprints of 2014


2014 is bidding us Goodbye,
Soon another year will say a new Hi.
With just a few moments left at hand,
I look back at memories that made life grand.

January began with a brand new hope,
New tasks and new challenges to cope.

Weddings and trips planned in February,
Added fun to my dictionary.

March was the month to bury heads down,
Books and exams were talks of the town.

April found the writer in me,
Took me on a month long blogging spree.

Summers filled the days of May,
Travelling plans that changed everyday.

Days of June were filled with fun,
Friends became family with memories a ton.

Towards a dream little  steps I took,
July gave me my very first book.

Amidst all tension August gifted me a job,
Showered me with all happiness I could rob.

With Time September flew away,
Day were filled with both sadness and gay.

Festivals marked the month of October,
Trips back home is the only thing I remember.

In November, promises of Forever Friendships were made,
Teary and unwanted goodbyes I bade.

Uncertainty filled December with confusion,
Destiny ended the year without any conclusion.
Last day made way for another year,
Paved path ahead that seems so unclear.

This was the best of years,
Managed to escape my unknown fears,
Filled my life with reason to cheers,
But the goodbyes in end left me with tears.

Added new friends to the list of mine,
Old ones just got better like old wine.
The year left its footprints on my heart,
Happy moments filled my Life’s cart!

Few moments from past year I wish I could borrow,
For Next year with a new story which is to follow.


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