The Sunday Scroll #20

Sunday Scroll

Hi all,

Hey everyone, it been a long since time I wrote on Sunday. Just looked back and found it’s been two months approximately. Well, life have been busy or rather I have been. Firstly exams kept hold of my time then having fun became my priority and my writing gladly took a  backseat. December came soon but as temperature decreased day by day so was my closeness with my pen. But I did try to come back now and then to post a few things, but fiction remains an untouched territory since long. I am missing it now.

So nothing much happened on my part you see, in these two months. Except two major events. Firstly, I finished my college studies and therefore ended another chapter of my life. Secondly, the event that occur every year in December, no not Christmas, it’s my Birthday I am talking about! 😛 Birthdays are always beautiful and so was mine, with loads of gifts, wishes and lovely gestures by the people I hold closely to my heart! *Smiles* I thank you all for making my day so lovely and helping me realize that age is just a number 😛 Love you all!! *Hugs*

So, this was the last weekend of the year 2014. I guess most of you are busy holidaying and partying, so don’t know who would be reading my random Sunday blabbering! But still, I just remembered that this would be the last Sunday Scroll of the year and I had the sudden urge to write it now, that too with freezing hands. It’s damn cold! *Shivers*

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

As most of you might be already aware, I am not much of a party person, and holidaying in this season has never been a tradition for me, so I gladly enjoying (kind of) the winters tucked in the blankets. Waking up in the morning is the toughest job these days (umm.. it always is, isn’t it? 😛 ) Other than spreading laziness around, this season I am totally into cooking, copying out all recipes of my mom and trying out some of my own experiments while she gladly enjoys her daughter’s cooking fiascoes! 😛

Source: The Happy Page
Source: The Happy Page


It’s getting colder so I better stop blabbering now else it would be 12 soon and a new Monday will be knocking the door to kick out this Sunday. So before I sign out and drift off to dreamland, one last message to everyone-

Source: Google
Source: Google


This was the  update from my side on the last Sunday of 2014. How did you spend the last weekend of the day? Do share! 

Until Next Sunday,

Keep Smiling!


5 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #20

  1. I’m not a party person either. I spent Christmas with family and playing with my toddler. New year’s is gonna be spent in pretty much the same fashion 🙂

    Happy holidays to you too. 🙂 Do drop by mine.


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