She was told to play only with the toys,
Outdoor games were meant only for the boys,
Wearing shoes, By the door she stood… Uninvited.

Returning home while the sun still showed its light,
Because she was forbidden to party at night,
Wearing high heels she stood… Uninvited.

There were dreams she was told not to follow,
And everyone made her feel so little and so hollow,
At the world of her dreams she stood… Uninvited.

Burdened with sorrows and nothing to enjoy,
All she wished now was to be a boy,
With opinion in her words she stood… Uninvited.

Word Count:100

My theme is READER’S IMAGINATION: you hear a book’s name and your imagination takes you the world of your own. The world your imagination creates which is totally different than the world which author has created in the book.

Uninvited – Amanda Marrone

When rejection comes back to bite you…
Jordan’s life sucks. Her boyfriend, Michael, dumped her, slept his way through half the student body, and then killed himself. But now, somehow, he appears at her window every night, begging her to let him in.
Jordan can’t understand why he wants her, but she feels her resistance wearing down. After all, her life — once a broken record of boring parties, meaningless hookups, and friends she couldn’t relate to — now consists of her drinking alone in her room as she waits for the sun to go down.
Michael needs to be invited in before he can enter. All Jordan has to do is say the words….Uninvited

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7 thoughts on “Uninvited

  1. Such a sad tale…glad things are changing now and she will be the one inviting people to be with her 🙂

  2. An awesome poem: well penned! 🙂 And unfortunately true in certain societies…I just read of an article on how some girls dress up like boys because of the “uninvited” cultures in terms of raising girls…I am sure you can understand! <3

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