The Sunday Scroll #26

Sunday Scroll

Hi all,

April is ending soon and i hope the blogging community is surely having fun as now it’s just the last few alphabets are left. I am lagging so far behind. So much so that I couldn’t write V on time! But it happened for all the good reasons, so I am not complaining! 🙂 It was so far the best weekend of my Delhi stay! Why wouldn’t it be? I got to pseudo-experience my hostel life again, and that too both of my graduation and post-graduation lives in the same weekend! I know I couldn’t get luckier than this! After continuous days of “Lows” which had started to literally scare me, finally reached their end. I was so happy that I could feel myself bouncing with happiness and anyone could see that happiness on face and hear it my voice. I was this happy after ages and the sleep that has been my closest friend a few days ago finally bid goodbye for all the better times! 😀 Afterall who sleeps when we meet our friends after ages! If they are the ones who can hurt you like no one else, then they are the ones who can will make you laugh harder than anyone else!


Yes, Happiness it Best friends! A tight hug that sets everything right, atleast for that moment and you know they love you! 🙂 So, my happiness knew no bounds when my sweetheart friend came over this weekend and made me bunk office on Friday, but it was worth it, totally! 😛 She would be getting hitched soon so the main purpose was to do lots of shopping! So time we could spare from our talks and giggles, was devoted to shopping. Delhi being the centre for shopping since i don’t know when, needed to be explored like I haven’t in last few months of my stay here. The shopping that started from Sarojini Nagar (where every girl wants to shop a lot and succeeds) ended in the thinnest of lanes of Chandni Chowk! I have been to such place before. It was like weaving a way out of clothes! 😛


Apart form shopping, Chandani Chowk is famous for its Parathe Wali Gali. Those yummy stuffed parathas, obviously couldn’t have been left behind and excluding Lassi wouldn’t have been fair enough either! 😛 It was tiring but it was fun, and we surely enjoyed every bit of it! After talking for hours about each and everything under the Sun and the Stars too (literally!). But soon then the dream ended and it was time to say Goodbye again.

Finally got this moment! 😀

It was more of another hello an hour later when I my another set of friends to recreate Bhopal memories. Aroma of yummy Maggi filled the room and the dinner ended with devouring our beloved Silk! 😉 Talking and laughing the time flew by and it was already Sunday. It reminded us of the time that it will be soon Monday again! :/ And my awesome weekend will end too! 🙁 Yes, it was time for another set of goodbyes! 🙁


Apart from these happy nostalgic moments, which are now making my tears flow freely; I got an opportunity to attend the launch of Asus Zenphone 2 at Kingdom of Dreams! It was another Indiblogger meet that I got a chance to attend! Well,considering the length of this post, I spare you the details but there will be soon another fun-filled one!


The launch of Zenphone2
The launch of Zenphone2

How was your weekend?? When was the last time you got to enjoy with your friends?? Do share?

Until Next Sunday,

Keep Smiling!


8 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #26

  1. Fun post Nibha! I’m glad you got to enjoy yourself with friends talking and laughing under the moon and stars! 😉 The highlight of my weekend was going to a poetry reading on Friday evening with my new landlady, listening to poetry whilst having some appetizers and wine – a treat! – and that was fun too! 🙂 Oh, and I love YOUR quote by the way! <3

  2. Sarojini Market, lanes of Chandni Chowk, Paranthewali gali….I love them all and can completely relate to the amount of fun you must have had with your friend 🙂

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