“what are I upto?” He said as he entered the room and saw pieces of paper lying there art the floor.
“Umm.. I am just not getting it right!” She said frustrated, throwing away another sheet of paper.
“New client I guess?”
“yes! And guess who?”
“Do I get anything if guess the right answer?”
“Nope! It’s that Prince from Jodhpur who wants me to create Xanadu!” She blushed as she said this.
“And you are already head over heels with him, and want it to be your best design so far! Am I right?”
She blushed again saying nothing.

Word Count:100

My theme is READER’S IMAGINATION: you hear a book’s name and your imagination takes you the world of your own. The world your imagination creates which is totally different than the world which author has created in the book.

Xanadu- Jane Yolen

Publication of Xanadu marks the beginning of an original anthology series that will include brand-new stories by some of the finest writers in the world. This volume opens with “The Poacher” by Ursula K. Le Guin, a fairytale in the grand tradition. Xanadu also includes “It Comes Lightly Out of the Sea,” a new poem by William Stafford, one of the best-known poets in America; “The Hound of Merlin” by Eleanor Arnason, who won both the Philip K. Dick Award and the Tiptree Award in 1992; “The Perfectly Round Bagel” by Robert Abel, who won the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction in 1989; “To Scale” by Nebula Award winner Nancy Kress; “Still Life with Woman and Apple” by Leslea Newman, author of Heather Has Two Mommies; “Unnalash” by Tanith Lee; “The Pale Thin God” by Hugo and Nebula award winner Mike Resnick; “Gravity” by Pat Schneider, poet and playwright; “Time Travel, The Artifact, and A Famous Historical Personage” by Minnesota Book Award-winner Will Shetterly; and a dozen other ventures into the realms of magic, including stories by Lisa Tuttle, Steven Brust, Anna Kirwan-Vogel, Gardner Dozois, and a new poem, “The Ring at Yarrow,” by Jane Yolen herself Xanadu


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  1. Hey i quiet adore your writings and poetry.And you did great for this difficult letter.
    one piece of advise is…proofreading your posts would avoid any typos occured 🙂
    Happy writing

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