Happiness, Just An App Away!

“R!!!!”, I shouted on the call in my loudest voice.
“Yes dear, what happened?? Is everything ok??” she asked. I could sense worry in her voice. Obviously the panic in my voice had made her panic too.
“Call back instantly, I have no balance left”, I said before the line went dead and my phone beeped to show me the zero balance.
She called back a minute later.
“Yah, tell me what happened? Why are you so panicked?”, she showered her questions on me before I could even say a proper hello.
“Umm, needed a favour actually…”, I hesitated.
“You don’t need to be formal you know, spill it what you want me to do”, she asked authoritatively.
“Can you please recharge my phone. I have urgent calls to make and I have no balance!”
“Sure. Will do it straight away.” After talking for a few more minutes we said our goodbyes as duty called us to concentrate on our work than on the chit-chats. I got the balance after another minute and dialled the number I had to call urgently. Thank God for R, what would I do without her. She literally saved me today, I thought to myself.

In the evening she suggested me to download the My Airtel app which was how she was never out of balance, ever! I followed her life saving suggestion almost instantly. I explored this app and found that it provided absolutely Safe and Secured Payment options, which was my major concern about the online payments. With an personalized user experience it also had an option of storing card details for faster payment.

Another feature that particularly caught my attention was “I WANT TO..” tab. It lets me  save my most frequent tasks on home screen as shortcuts under “I want to” tab. I could easily make shortcuts of my Bill payments, Recharge, view balance, check recharge history, view data consumed and much more, right from my homescreen. It’s needless to say how much time saving this feature is, specially in the situation like today I was in. I could easily recharge my or someone else’s phone in a jiffy.

Yet another feature I loved, was the Airtel Surprises. It gave me ‘Airtel Surprises’ coupons with every recharge that I did. Yayie!! Now, who would hate the coupons that can be redeemed against the array of categories like shopping, food, wellness and entertainment. I found the list of popular brands like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day, Flipkart.com. amazon.in, Ebay.in, Myntra.com, Archies, VLCC, among others. Now that’s something anyone to everyone would love.

When I was done exploring the app I thought how much I was missing on to until now. A complete happiness package indeed. Without doubt, My Airtel App is the simplest way to manage all airtel services through the handset; and it also gives exclusive offers just on shaking your handset. So it’s a complete win-win situation, isn’t it?


Thank you Airtel for this wonderful app!


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