Dearest Maggi

Dearest Maggi,

I was sad when I heard that I won’t be able to eat see you anymore. You know you were more than a type of food for me, well just not for me but for everyone who loved you. You were our dearest support when we weren’t in the mood to cook. We looked up to you whenever we were home alone and you never ever disappointed us. You were our most staple diet in times when our hostel mess messed up our hunger. Your were our only rescue when we burned the midnight oil mugging up for the exam next day. You were just not the means to fill our empty stomachs but you also filled our empty hearts with the love we could never reciprocate. You know the times when cooking together not only meant cooking Maggi but also cooking memories that will fill our hearts forever. Those fightings to grab the last bite, those were beautiful moments. Well, thinking of you and the fact that there won’t be anymore fights over maggi like this stabs a hole in my heart.

I don’t know the allegations thrown at you are true to what extent. But as they say, if there is smoke there must be fire and this forces me to believe the facts they flash on news channel no matter how much I don’t want to! I know you must be thinking why banning only you when there are so many other things that harm us way more than you could ever do! Yes, I know there so many things that are hazardous to health and I also know people who happily love that company. But this is life no? Good things don’t always happen to good people. Bad people escape through the backgate that good people don’t even think about.

I know this is a very hard time for you and believe me it isn’t easy for us either. We will miss your presence everywhere. You will be missed because you were an instant item on the food menu. You will be missed because the way you made our friendships better and bonds stronger, no one else could. You will be missed when we would be sitting alone and there would be no one to cook us meals. You will be missed when kids learnt cooking for the first time and sometimes the only time. You will be missed every moment. But you know what, I can say this for sure that you will be back soon among us, yes really soon. As it’s said, The one you love, never truely leaves you. If the love is strong enough, it returns! 😉

Sincerely yours,
A Maggi Fan


P.S. The writer of this letter isn’t against the #MaggiBan nor is the writer supports the consumption of substances that are found to be hazardous to health.


19 thoughts on “Dearest Maggi

  1. I have the same thoughts Nibha! Meri Maggi! 🙁 🙁 I can’t remember the first time I had maggi..and even today, once a week it was pyaaz tamatar wali maggi!

  2. Oh a life without Maggi!! Even after coming to Sydney I eat maggi, so many memories attached to it. I hope they release a healthier version soon

  3. Interesting! I read this post Nibha – great write by the way! – ’cause I now ‘Maggi’ as a ‘seasoning sauce’ (see that under wikipedia and you’ll see the bottle I am referring to, though in Polish words. I personally am boycotting anything Nestle makes due to a scary statement by one of the top execs, plus they are reselling our water for cheap and the like. But that’s just me! Do what is right for you! <3

  4. LOL! I stopped eating Maggi couple of years ago… just like that. Maybe my body sensed something was wrong in it now. Elly is right though… Nestle is one company to be wary of always.

  5. For me Maggi is something I had while I was out trekking. It was the easiest thing you could cook while camping. I wonder what is going to replace it !

  6. Oh I love Maggi. I am so sad to learn of these recent developments. However, I am choosing to err on the side of caution and stop eating my fav food till they release a healthier, safer version of it. I am hoping that happens soon. 🙂

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