The Sunday Scroll #27

Sunday Scroll

Hey everyone..
So I guess everyone racking their brains to churn out wonderful post on the prompts I check but then let them go. This heat outside has made super lazy these days and I guiltily ignore my blog and let it cry silently in the corner. I think of writing but don’t know where the whole day flies away and before I know I am hugging my bed too tight to get up and write. Hence, the writing and blogging as well gets postponed, no it’s gets procrastinated for the tomorrow that never comes.
In introspect, I found that most of the time gets whiled away doing “nothing”. Helping mom in the kitchen and household chores, running behind her like a little girl(yes I still do that) , chatting away to her then chatting to the people far away, playing addictive games on these handheld devices (yes, “devices”.. You heard read it right! I got myself a tablet, yes a 5 inch phone wasn’t enough.) I told you i’m a gadget freak, didn’t I? Well this was purchased for various purposes , blogging and writing included in that list, but for now the only purpose it’s solving is of being an e-reader (yay! Finally I can read all my stock of ebooks now 😛 ). And the time that luckily remains free after this, is sucked by not-so-interesting task of completing the modules given by the company! 🙁 what a perfect timing for the modules to land in our inboxes! The timing couldn’t have been better! Just when we thought we have finished off with all the education and studies, the mail in the inbox came as a reminder that it was too early to celebrate the end of student life! (But it ended officially though, as the last semester results were out last week).

My Mi Pad 🙂

Well, this is only for the days I got to stay at home! Apart from travelling (which has become more of a routine since May began) I am found in market running for every little thing that might be needed for the next journey I am on to! 🙂 ( I know you want to know about those travel stories as much as I want to share them! That day will come soon! I hope!!)
So you see I stay quite busy whole day, ain’t I? Yah, I can hear you say that this girl needs a better time management but I was never good at it..

So what’s your schedule this summer? Having a lazy time at home or travelling ffor some vacation? How often do you write or should I ask how you take down the laziness to pour out the words?


11 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #27

  1. Nice to see you blogging after a while, even if it is about not blogging 😉 Don’t stress, Nibha. The blog is right here,so relax and take things easy for now. Live life and the blog will call you when you are ready. That Mini Pad looks cute 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Shailaja.. was just a fleeting visit and a product of boring train journey that churned out this post.. I might again fly to explore a few new places 😉

      P.s. your city will be soon one of them! 😉

  2. It seems you aren’t the only one who has been nipped with this ‘bug’ as of late. I was one and I plodded on though very restless with the beautiful weather we have been having for about 1-1/2 months now. So I do the minimum that feels right for me for now: one gratitude list on Sundays, and the Wordy Wednesdays. I don’t even feel inclined at least for now to touch my many draft posts awaiting me! 😉 So, take it easy, relax and enjoy your summer and blog when you feel drawn to do so. It will be there for you and I think I/we would be also! <3

  3. I long to laze around and nothing … maybe this weekend
    congratz on the iPad 😀 I used my tab to play candy crush 😛 you are atleast reading.

  4. You’re right. This heat is a big de-motivator. I would hate to travel in this weather! I would hate to step out of an air-conditioned room, in fact, if only I had the choice!

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