The Formidable Sight

He didn’t look up when she walked to him. She quietly sat near him. As a few moments went by, he spoke in a very low tone, “Are the children asleep?”
“Ummhmmm..”, she nodded with a sound as if to say yes.
“Did they sleep hungry?”
“No, a little was left from yesterday, I fed it to them. But it wasn’t enough.”
He didn’t reply to question his wife didn’t ask but he knew she wanted to.
After a pause of few moments which seemed like hours for them in this uneasy silence, she spoke apprehensively, “What’s the matter? Is everything alright? You haven’t left the place since yesterday. You didn’t eat anything. What happened? Tell me, what happened out there?”
He has never behaved like this ever before. His weird behavior worried his wife.
He didn’t know what to tell her. He had decided not to worry his wife and keep the things to himself, but he wasn’t able to hide it well. He could not put on the facade anymore. After her persistent questioning, he decided to confide her in.
“Don’t let the children go out to play. It’s not safe anymore.”
“Why?” Her husband was not making any sense.
“They are coming for us. I don’t think we have much time left. Either we should run away or we should die!”
“But there isn’t any place to run away. And we can’t let go of this place we call our home.”
“There won’t be any home, there won’t be any food. There will be no life.They are going to destroy our very home in front of our eyes and will kill us too! ” he shouted to vent out the pain of his heart.
“Everyone here is afraid of us. Since ages we are known to rule the Jungles. We are the ferocious tigers. Whosoever they are and wherever they belong to, we will slay them. We won’t let them destroy everything”, she said, the anger of his words filling her heart too.
He spoke again, controlling his anger, “I can’t get the image out of my head. I saw them bringing big machines that clears whole land in one go. What chance do you think we have against them? Along with evil motives, they possess deadly weapons.”
“Who are they?” she asked, visibly scared.
“They can do anything, whether it’s us or our fellow beings. They are the humans from the far-away cities. ”


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7 thoughts on “The Formidable Sight

  1. A story well built and true in every sense.. How I wish, something more could be done to prevent the sufferings of the animals..


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