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I completed a week in Bangalore yesterday. A week back when I had just stepped out of the airport, the city had welcomed me with its extremely beautiful weather. All my worries and apprehensions flew away instantly with the wind. I felt at peace suddenly. I was surprised to see how warmly the city welcomed me and how comfortable I could feel, I don’t know how. May be it was the wind that was helping me soothe my nerves.

Beautiful Weather
Beautiful Weather

This week was full of firsts. First week in Bangalore listed out quite a lot of firsts for me. It’s first job after all! 😛 finally the excitement has managed to touch my face.First few hours in city and we already met with the city’s biggest challenge which is undoubtedly it’s never-ending traffic on the road. Phew! Never ever before did so many cars scare me! But now it did. First day in Bangalore amd i also witnessed the fact that the city offered three seasons on a single day. Lucky people I guess! 😀

First day of reporting was a hectic one with lots of signatures and documents! I was lucky enough to find friends from the same college on the first day itself. One big apprehension resolved. First feelings of experience of staying in PG surfaced. But frankly, before even the first week got over I have started missing the north Indian food, specially mom-cooked. Not that I don’t like south-indian stuff but I can’t go for it daily. And it’s just getting starting!

What impressed me apart from the pleasant weather of city was it’s multilingual population. People here speak so many languages that anyone coming here wouldn’t face any problem while adjusting and then English is always a language that can help you if none other can. During some refreshment sessions, the songs in different languages sounded as musical to ears as our favourite Bollywood hits. Music for sure transcends all boundaries man has created, be it linguistic or regional.

With Daddy dearest gone back, I stood all alone in this big city far away. But tears weren’t allowed now. There are dreams waiting for me. First steps of moving towards being independent have been taken, the rest will follow.

How was your experiences in a new city? How did it feel? How were your journey towards being independent?

12 thoughts on “First Impressions #BangaloreBytes

  1. Congratulations Nibha. I am sure you will be able to adjust very well. My first week in Bangalore was very difficult one actually. I don’t want to get in to that. You know, Bangalore has quite a lot of restaurants, north Indian, south Indian, international, all sort of cuisines are waiting for you to explore. Your taste buds would thank you, I’m sure. Oh, PG food, I hated that one. Keep writing dear, we are here to listen to your new adventures. 🙂

  2. I am a proud Bangalorean since last 12 years. Whew! I completely adore this city. Yes, the weather is beautiful and the traffic sucks big time. 🙂 What is good is that you can afford to move closer to your workplace to avoid crazy commutes unlike places like Mumbai or Delhi. Wish you good luck. I am sure you will settle in well.

  3. welcome to my city! 🙂 Yes, we have a traffic problem but we can calm your nerves with that cool breeze. Languages – every thing works and people are simply wonderful 🙂 Keep sharing more and I am re living my days from the past (10 years now – I also came to Bangalore with my first job. Could never leave this city) 🙂

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