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Sunday Scroll

It was raining when I got back from office on Thursday. Not a good start for the extended weekend ahead, I thought. With no one to accompany me to explore the city and around, I sat there in my room watching the rain outside my window and brooding over the fact that how boring my life has become. I went into flashback and thought about those days with friends when no day was spent at the hostel! I so miss them, terribly. I wish they were here. So much do we lose just in the pursuit of our dreams, a philosophical thought crossed we my mind. I quickly shrugged it off and picked up my book.


This is how I decided to drown myself on this weekend. But a few things changed for the good or the bad, I didn’t know. It was again declared a bandh on Saturday but I tried hard to escape its effects but couldn’t. A plan of meeting a friend after more than year went hay-wire due to this. We met nevertheless but our other plans weren’t successful. But as they say, it’s the company that matters than the place! Later it turned out to be a fun evening spent with a few colleagues. Bowling, a new thing that has recently caught my fancy! πŸ˜›


Friendship is a strange thing. When you think the people will understand you for your ups and lows, they will disappoint you leaving you shattered and then through those crevices, loneliness walks in and tears walks out! A call from a friend helps to soothe your nerves but you know you won’t be at peace so easily because no matter how much you teach your heart to not to expect, it still will.


But then, friendship is also when you meet someone for the first time and you don’t feel like it’s the first meet. This is what happened when the two blogging “Sync” Sisters (we have coined that term for ourselves) met today, finally after more than a year! Both being new to the city, we literally found our way through Google maps ( no I’m not advertising, but this is the only thing that helps a lone girl finding her way in a city which speaks a language that she doesn’t understand a word of) and quite a helpful people around us! It was a nice experience and I loved Β it to the core. We both have been counting days to meet since so long that we couldnt believe that we finally met today. It was something that ended my supposedly lonely weekend with a big smile on my face. What could have been better ending to the day than this Β Brownie Waffle Sundae.

As I sat back on the window seat of the city, after waiting for approximately an hour, I felt happy. This place in the bus has always been my favorite. I guessed I missed that place πŸ˜› Feeling the wind on the face which soothes the soul is like no other therapy. Walking out and exploring the city, Β I realized even if the city was unknown, it held some resemblance to my own city. Music played in my head while I looked outside the window as the bus took its own sweet time to cover the eight km journey.

How was your weekend?? When you out to explore if given a chance in a new city?


6 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #30 #BangaloreBytes

  1. Bangalore does give you a lot of different experiences… glad you met your sync sister πŸ™‚ it’s fun to meet people whom you have known only through words.

  2. Oh! i know – the day off, the bandh and what not.i had a hectic one. VT was travelling so we were busy shopping for his travel. but it was just the calm before the storm. So much happening πŸ˜›

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