A New Journey

With dreams in my eyes,
And the luggage strolling by the side;
I walked out of home,
To explore the world so wide.

And hence a new Journey began,
Towards something unknown and new,
Home is no where in sight,
Can’t see the circle of my chosen few!

World out here is so different,
Every step is bound by a rule or law,
Running in pursuit of perfection,
I am now scared of the tiniest flaw.

Variety of tongue and food lies on my plate,
Diversity in everything fills this place,
Exploring Newness every once in a while,
But heart really wants is some solace.

With precious memories in my treasure,
I decide to fly with the flow,
Clearing out the dark clouds of change,
Like the brightest star I will glow!


Linking this to Wordy Wednesday Picture Prompt @ BAR


5 thoughts on “A New Journey

  1. The rhyme sound perfect.. the obstacles that life offers sound perfect.. your take on the prompt, simply perfect!!!


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