When I Received That Letter!

I was busy packing for the upcoming Summer Trip. Just name a journey and excitement is an instant feeling for me. I was quite lost in chosing which all clothes to pack and which not to. Perhaps I was so lost in my thoughts about the future places I was going to soon visit that I didn’t hear the doorbell which had already rung twice. My Mom has responded to it.

“N, there’s something for you”, she called out to me as she walked into my room which at the moment was a complete mess. But on hearing that I have a mail on my name, I jumped out of the bed to see what it was (though I knew it should be a letter), the clothes in my lap fell on the floor. But I didn’t care, because all my focus was now on the envelope that mom was holding. I took it from it. I have been waiting for this one since so many days. My name and address was written in partial-cursive hand-writing. I turned around the envelope but couldn’t find who the sender was. I got even more curious. Containing my excitement I tore open the envelope, politely. 😛  I was thrilled as I first read the sender’s name instead of reading the letter. (Yah, Excitement gets better of you 😛 ) And guess who was it from??? It was from our very own Godmother aka Shailaja! Yayie!! A letter straight from Godmother! 😀

Those hand-written letters and the love those well-thought words speak of is something that can’t be missed, no matter how old-fashioned it gets! I have always been fond of letters. This was the reason I jumped in to this challenge as soon as it was announced. So much it the love of letters that I tend to squeeze in small letters into the cards and gifts I would send to my family members and BFF. Ever since I was a child, God gave me enough oppotunities to write and exchange letters. There were days when Daddy Dearest was posted outside his comfort zone, these letters helped us develop a special father-daughter bond which otherwise would have been missed out. Then came those hostel days when the letters from home would make me homesick and my mother teary-eyed.

Even if I belong to the generation of Instant messaging, I can’t deny that given a chance I would love to exchange letters even now.
So, I would say, Letters never do out of fashion.  Go, Ditch the technology for a while and put your thoughts to paper and send it to someone you love. The smile that you will earn will be recursive for every time that letter is read not just for an instant like that in the case of a WhatsApp/Facebook/Text Message. And if you are of the luckier lot to have received letters from your loved ones, go and read that letter now again, preserve it for a lifetime, for those words who have managed to reach you through the pen of the person who wrote bears much more love and efforts than any other gift you might have received.

Have you received any letters? Did you write any letters??


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8 thoughts on “When I Received That Letter!

  1. I am so glad the letter did reach you finally. I kept kicking myself about not having taken a picture of the letter to e-mail across as a backup, after telling everyone else to do the same 😉 Yes there is a special love that letters give us, don’t they? Given a choice, I would go back to letter writing, even today. I think we need it in this tech-charged world!

  2. I cant stop professing my love for handwritten letters & notes at the slightest opportunity 😛 and I am lucky to have pen-friends in today’s world where technology has taken over all of us 🙂
    Glad to see your love for snail mail too 🙂

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