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It  was  pouring  heavily  since  an  hour.  It  seemed  like the sky  above  wasn’t  in  a  jolly  mood  unlike everyday.  It  seemed  to  be  soothing  someone’s  broken  heart.  Few  droplets  slided  on  the  window pane,  glimmering  in  the  little  light  that  came  from  the  house  nearby.  The  hand  came  forward  to open  the  window  and  the  face  felt  the  nature  at  its  best  with  the  rain  and  the  wind.  But  a  smile that had appeared  was  momentary.  Tears  out  of  loneliness  walked  down  from  the  eyes  to lend some company. Far away from home in a new city wasn’t easy and darkness only worsened it.

View from terrace
View from terrace

I  have  known  this  city  as  the  glittering  city  of  Hope  especially  for  the  IT  engineers.  But  the  only hope  I  hold  on  to  when  I  walk  back  from  office  is,  let  there  be  electricity  please!  Things  were good  when  I  had  shifted  here.  But  slowly got  worse  and  until  this  past  weekend  it  tested  my patience  to  a  new  level.  Earlier  an  escape  to  terrace  was  a  good  solution  but  with  daily  pourings every  evening  has  taken  away  that  pleasure  too.  The  sun  is  already  set  by  the  time  I  reach back, and as I turn the knob to enter the room, heavy darkness welcomes me.  To  talk  about  the  weekend  that  went  by  and  the  days  that  followed,  I  can  only  say  one  thing: those  were  the  worst  of  my  stay,  only  hoping  that  the  things  don’t  get  worse.

I  already  told  you  I guess  about  the  food  that  my  taste  buds  are  hating,  so  I  had  thought  about  cooking  for  myself  once in a  while  whenever  I  felt  like  with  the  Induction  Cook  Top  that  I  have  been  provided  with.  But  the dreams  about  tasting  my  self-cooked  dish  came  crashing  down  with  not-so-timed  power  cuts.  I waited  and  waited  and  waited  and  then  had  to  resign  to  eat  the  not-so-favourite  (read  inedible) food.  With  weekend  plans  cancel  due  to  reasons  like  Bandh  and  upcoming  assessment  (for which  I  couldn’t  study,  courtesy:  loadshedding  again),  you  can  see  it  was  not  as  good  as  the previous  one.  Though  I  passed  the  assessment  quite  miraculously,  which  did  lift  up  my  mood  a bit, against the darkness.

When I did manage to cook!
When I did manage to cook!

Well  as  I  again  sit  in  dark,  I  couldn’t  help  but  write  out  my  frustration  here.  Why  so?  You  might think.  Have  I  not  seen  loadshedding  ever  in  my  life?  Oh,  I  accept  that  staying  in  hostel  with  24 hours  of  electricity  supply  for  one-fourth  of  my  life  have  spoiled  me  in  some  ways  but  surely  one can’t  put  aside  those  days  of  life  when  erratic  power  cuts  used  to  be  part  and  parcel  of  life especially  when  one  hails  from  the  infamous  area of  North  India.  So,  yes  this  is  not  the  first  time  I am face  to  face  with  this  kind  of  crisis  but  may  be  what  bothering  me  is  that  this  is diminishing my perception of this Silicon Valley. But  for  now  I  can  only hope  for  the  better  days  ahead  until  I  find  myself  packing  my  bags  that too in darkness.

How’s  your  life  going  on  with  you  these  days?  What  challenges  do  you  face  in  your  daily  life?   


14 thoughts on “Life Without Light #BangaloreBytes

  1. Settling blues Nibha, coupled with expectations…this too shall pass. Intent you are gonna rock it. When it rains visualise you are dancing, that the heavens are pourin in blessings. when the electricity snaps, thank heavens for giving you that privacy to whisper secrets…and recollect some, too. make it fun…a write a blog on the naughtiest thing you did in the dark… Stay happy! God Bless!

    1. Tose were some good suggestions Nisha! Umm.. I usually sit and talk with my roommate when there’s no electricity and sometimes I pen down my frustrations like this one! 😛

  2. Your post reminded me of the power cuts in Mumbai years ago when I lived there. They always seemed to be in the hottest month of the year – May. That was torture.

  3. Oh, I can imagine … But sometimes power cut brings out creativity too, no? And it makes me feel gerateful for what we usually take for granted. I enjoyed reading it:-)

  4. Oh gosh! Load shedding is hitting us all in Bangalore. But it’s controlled in my area. Also, think of the PG as a make shift arrangement. Once your location is decided, you rent an apartment with 24 hours water and electricity. It eases life.

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