One Deep Breath At A Time #MondayMusings

“Be careful what you wish for” is a piece of advice we have been handed down through the generations, but i wonder if we ever took it seriously until recently.
The other day while flipping through the newspaper with my morning coffee, I read a meme about how Universe have listened to all our pleads collectively, asking for an un-ending weekend. With no end in sight, this pandemic now has us holed up in our houses, lazing around for months now.
Lately my mind has been busy listing out the plans dreams and hopes of the year 2020 that were crushed with the unannounced arrival of a virus. The day has passed by with me wrapped in these thoughts. Staring out at the sky with whatever stars visible, I heard a distant sound of an ambulance. I wonder, how we assumed that bad and critical things only happen to others and not us. But with the pandemic, the virus has penetrated deep into our lives, and is now affecting the ones we love and care about. I wonder how a little invisible thing can turn our lives tipsy and turvy. Little things do matter!
For now, everyone of us wants one thing, for everything to go back to the way it was. To go to office and plan the weekend ahead. To go out for a movie and dinner afterwards. To explore the outside world one step at a time. With no end-date in sight, it has started to make us anxious. 
But it is in these anxious moments, when we look back in retrospection, to see that the current situation seems to have given us a newer perspective on life – to not take anything for granted! 
So, let’s take out few moments from the busy schedule of balancing work and household chores, and sit back. Sit back to close your eyes and be grateful for the things we still have, one deep breath at a time. 

3 thoughts on “One Deep Breath At A Time #MondayMusings

  1. It’s is really a deep introspection of ourself and about universe…
    One must set to do this without if n but

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