A Little About Anything And Everything!

Home is where heart is and hometown is where your childhood lives….

Home. Hometown. And this time both are the same cities. And YES, I’m back there after six long years. It’s been just a few hours over a day I’m here and I can already point out the differences between Then andΒ Now. As Mom and I went for a stroll in our favorite market in the city today I could see new showrooms that have crept up at places where simple shops used to be, multiplexes that have grown out of nowhere, Roads that are still narrow seemed to be more crowded, but there are things that are still the same, one for example, my favorite chaat corner still had the same delicious things to offer. I really can’t describe how much I’ve missed them over these years while trying to find the similar place and taste anywhere I lived. I was happy like a little child to have them today. *Bliss*

Being home has it’s own many advantages ofcourse, apart from getting delicacies cooked by mom in the honour of arrival of her eldest daughter. The mind is calmer place with all thoughts quietly taking a back seat, miles away from work. Peace is automatically restored when heartfelt talks with Mom fills the day and the courage tank is filled simultaneously while discussions are on with beloved Dad. Ofcourse, nothing else seems important other than the hug received from the younger sister when I hand her birthday gift.

So, this was present but where was I this whole month? As usual there’s long list of excuses for why I didn’t type something and hit the publish button for the last so many days… like how I got busy when we finally shifted to our new place in Mumbai, and friends coming over one weekend and I hanging out at their place the next weekend, then this whole parade to the shopping malls and walking down the streets of the city to buy gifts for the family and also how most of the mind utilization was done while planning the gift for my parent’s 25th. Ofcourse the week days also came and were wasted away while spending some hours in office and rest in contemplating about the above tasks. Phew!! That was hell of a not-so-busy yet busy kind of month.

But I confess, there wasn’t a single day when a thought about the blog didn’t cross my mind or the those words wouldn’t form sentences in my mind on their own. But all this time in some corner of my mind my blog, my journal and my muse waited patiently for me to return. Piles of books waited for me to be read (and some also wait to be reviewed). List of blogs I love awaited my comments. But I did nothing to end their wait yet. But as I sat today,ignoring the screams of the bones of my fingers for being out of blanket in this cold night, to type it all out of my head, my words, my thoughts, my happiness, my guilt; I realized something. I realized that something if once procrastinated, is actually procrastination until further motivation or urge to finish the tasks undone, and the chances of that becomes bleaker every passing day.

But let’s not go down the guilt lane. There’s no time for that, literally. While many people wrote about the resolutions for the new year (I know it’s quite late for a resolution post but don’t worry it isn’t) and later stories about failing them, I wondered what could have been mine. I remembered the word I had chosen for 2015 had quite proved itself. Last year was indeed a Rainbow. My life showed me so many colors in that period of 12 months. So, like last year I again decided to chose a word, rather THREE WORDS this time.These are EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. ENRICH.Β As anyone can notice, these words don’t need any explanation beside the fact that this year I wish to be a little selfish to Explore everything: this world, this life, these words, this city… everything and not just Explore it but Experience it to the fullest and let this experience Enrich my life, my being, my thoughts…Β 


So here was my story about anything to everything! How have you been? Do your blog also gets sidelined when the life kicks in? What’s your ‘Word’ for 2016? Did you choose any?Β 


11 thoughts on “A Little About Anything And Everything!

  1. The three E’s sound like a great plan! I am sure everyone needs to focus on them every once in awhile for that quality me-time for self-development. All the best with that! And nothing to beat the long-pending break at ‘Maayka’, a balm for the body and soul! Welcome to Mumbai and happy blogging πŸ™‚

  2. Great words you have chosen for 2016. May all your explorations and experiences enrich your life, mind and heart. Whether it is in your home/hometown or anywhere else! By the way, I like the phrase “courage tank” πŸ™‚

  3. Great choice of words, Nibha. Of course, the blog gets sidelined when life takes over but it is okay, right. Blog can’t exist if not for the life and not the other way, even though sometimes I feel it is the existence of my blog that makes me feel alive. πŸ™‚ All the best for wonderful 2016 dear.

  4. Good choice of the words for the year. I’m glad to be here to read your post after a long time. I saw your updates on FB being on a trip home and I am sure you are having a great time. Home is always so welcoming and the place to be.
    I am good and yes, when life take over we need to let it be. Cos blogging is a part of our life exactly like everything else is πŸ™‚ Have fun and keep writing!

  5. Brilliant selection of words, Nibha. I am finding this word of the year thing interesting. Let’s see if it interests me enough to choose my words for the year. For now, I have chosen to yell less at kids. And have a wonderful stay in Mumbai. πŸ™‚

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