Coffee, Cake and Weekends #DelhiDiaries

Weekend is what we all crave for in this busy lifestyle where weekdays go by running around from work to home and vice versa. It was during one such these weekend that I got a chance to meet a few bloggers from my favourite blogging group. Though we met each other the very first time yet there were so little formalities and so much fun. We bonded instantly and the hours just flew by while we discussed our lives, careers and of course our blogs! Coffee being our constant companion over the chit-chat that continued to go on. The evening turned special when we found ourselves in for a surprise which was but a special home-baked cake by our favourite Shilpa! (recipe still awaited)
The weekend came by after a long wait but went away like a swish of the wind and what followed was another set of five days of weekdays of course. But one such weekday turns into a fun-day when an old friend stops by and all you do is troll each other and take selfies with each other while the good food awaits its turn on the table. Little moments like these makes me wonder sometimes, what has life become for us? How drastically it has changed in just a few years. Those were the years when we yearned to earn and but may be we didn’t realize it then what would be missing from our lives once we started earning.
Weekend. Wait. Weekend. The cycle continues and months go by and nothing really changes in our lives other than our wardrobes as a result of therapy shopping/wedding shopping/ sale shopping/birthday shopping, basically shopping  for whatsoever  reason. Salary credits and debits follow the same cycle with credit card bills in tow. But wait, pause for a moment. Yes, right now. Rewind a little. Yes, stop there. You see those dreams, that are probably flashing in black and white now, how did they get lost in these incessant cycles? A strange feeling takes over, what if i were to drop everything to follow them instead of following the discount coupons for the latest cafe that added itself to the already existing list of zillion others.
It’s a creepy feeling. You feel more adventurous than you might feel while sky-diving or river-rafting. It’s like you are standing at the edge of the cliff with ocean beneath you and you are contemplating whether to jump or not; because you don’t know swimming and are worried what if your parachute didn’t work. Would you die? Is it worth taking the risk? But even the most adventurous souls won’t dare try this adventure, wondering does the feeling of freedom of flying enough to gamble away the slow poison of security?
I expect contradictions from the elders in the society on these revolting thoughts. But aren’t they the one who taught us to dream then why pulling us back when we go after those dreams? Don’t we have only one life, more so only few years when we can actually experiment and jump off that cliff to see we can fly or swim or sink.. I bet the world below the surface is beautiful too! But, everyone will just secretly save those quotes from the Instagram feed but dare not follow them to break the routine, to break the monotony. I wonder if it is actually possible  to break the cycle of security to jump into the whirlpool of uncertainties. So, until I get the answer about the great jump, let’s wait for another weekend to save us!
Do you often think about your lost dreams? If given a chance would you risk everything to follow them, once?

7 thoughts on “Coffee, Cake and Weekends #DelhiDiaries

  1. I know where you are coming from. I often feel this way. It’s a tedious cycle I feel like I have got sucked into and I don’t know how to escape. Finding time for my dream seems so tough. So very tough! Makes me wonder what am I really doing here.

  2. If you have a dream, follow it, so that you don’t repent later. It is not easy, but then, who said life is easy? And, if you think your dreams are a bit too far-fetched, then turn your life into the kind of life you want to live, but with a few changes and adjustments! 🙂
    Wish you the best for your dreams, Nibha!

  3. I hear you Nibhz…. When we are kids we cant wait to grow up. Once grown up and well enmeshed into the grind; we start to wonder what are we doing here!!! Its a damn viscious cycle but you know what only WE can break it! On that note, lets make a plan to connect soon. Tell me when is it convenient to you in gurgaon after work….?

    1. Yeah! I think the time has come to break the circle and fly free! You know never know what life may offer!

      P.S. I’ll ping you about the plan, let’s meet up!

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