FOMO Of The Culinary Delight #LockdownStories

“Let’s deal with life, one day at a time”, said one of the motivational quotes on my Instagram feed. ‘Let’s scroll through, one post at a time”, I smirked to myself. I was casually scrolling through my social media accounts, while the vegetables on the gas stove steamed gradually. It’s a weekend morning and Pao Bhaji on the menu. A call for another round of coffee and I leave my phone on the table to head back to my lockdown kitchen.

I emerge an hour later to have the weekly fancy breakfast because it’s only on weekend that I can relax or cook something fancy ( read Insta worthy). I check my phone to find that my beloved Mr Husband has already clicked the cuisine from four different angles and sent it to me. The only thing I need to do now is to choose one and post in on my account. As I diligently follow those steps and pick a nice filter to make the food appear much more delicious than it actually is, I find it amusing too. I wonder how the life last few months have completely changed but one thing for sure had remained constant – FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.

As Everyone of us got confined to the walls of our places, never had we thought that we wouldn’t be going out there anytime soon. As many of us found ourselves home with no jobs to attend to and no maids to assist us, kitchen became the place we began to spend more time in. People started to unveil their creative sides and due to irresistible habit of showing off to others, these people of course took their new found talent to the social media. Social Media, hungry for our lives details started to flourish over these posts. Artists posted their art, Fitness weren’t left behind to share their tips on #StayAtHome workout tips, Singers and dance enthusiasts made their contribution as well. And similarly #QuarantineKitchen #LockdownKitchen started to trend. Everybody became their kitchen’s own chef.

Of course, cravings need to be indulged and but also how can one not post the delicious meals they were eating while enjoying back to back seasons during Lockdown. So I observed, my news feed and Whatsapp status became a culinary competition of sorts. From Homemade Golgappe, Jalebi, Pizza,¬†apart from regular meals to delectable cakes made their appearances. These items would have satisfied the cravings of the chef-in-charge and earned them likes and praise but they also instigated deeper cravings in the people who could merely watch them from afar. These people, with not enough instruments or with the tight WFH schedule couldn’t enjoy lockdown as a vacation as many other did. They could mere scroll through, fearing that they are missing out the hottest trend of the year perhaps!¬†

4 thoughts on “FOMO Of The Culinary Delight #LockdownStories

  1. You always fascinate me while I read your blog showing ur
    Creativity to describe your thoughts n imagination….
    Feeling pride more after
    Lock in before Lockdown.
    Your varied interest in
    Kitchen also shows that you
    Can do wonder whenever u
    have opportunity…
    Love you…..

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