Time Did It Again! It Flew!


Yes, it flew away again. I stared at the homepage of my blog in horror when I realized almost a month has passed by and I had hardly written anything. Anything!!! Among all the feelings of guilt and regret, anger also swept into my heart. How could I do this! I kept wondering how did it happen when I had so much time to type away anything to everything in my head. Although I had time but laziness has taken over. Knocking out every other thought of the written word.

A to Z is round the corner and I have insanely signed up this time again but even that couldn’t force me into writing. There was so much to write, so many thoughts to put on paper, quite a few muses to pen down, a few characters fighting to get out of my head…. but I did nothing. Nothing. But what I was busy with, I look back and can’t find any answer or excuses I should rather say.

What had seemed like a surprise vacation now looks like a wasted holiday. As days went by one after the other, I got busy. Days were spent reading a few books while lying on bed, but many of them are still awaiting their chance on the shelf. Other than this things were pretty much like following mom around the whole house as she did her daily chores, hopping from one room to another, with my pillow friends and gadgets very much in tow. Crushing candies, scrolling social media, chit-chatting with mom and sis… all this pretty much sums up the past one month. Now it’s time to pack bags and move back to work. Ah, I can already feel the homesickness spreading through the my nerves.  :/ The familiar feeling of time ticking away is back, yet again.

Somebody has said it right, if you want to write, Sit and Write. Quite right, I realized. Writing this some 300 words post just proved it. After staring at the blank screen for half and hour and switching tabs for another thirty minutes, words finally decided to come out, though reluctantly. Phew!! Finally it feels like a burden lifted off my shoulders. 😛

Have you been in a situation like this?? How did you come back then?


12 thoughts on “Time Did It Again! It Flew!

  1. We all go through this at points in time particularly when we’ve been blogging for a while. All the best for the A to Z.

  2. Yes.. i am in a situation like this now.. Totally stopped reading.. can see the pile of books by my bed side.. writing too has become minimal… HAve to get back to it.. Hoping the AtoZ challenge will get me back 🙂

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