The Knock

In her little world she lived
Alone on aΒ path she walked,
Keeping it to herself
To a select few she talked.

<Unaware of the despair
That unsettled her heart,
Everyone just praised
Every piece of her art.

Between the darkest storms
A slight knock at her door,
Scared she was to open it
Any goodness she expected no more.

Who it could be she thought,
another round of disappointment
or happiness did found a way
without any prior appointment.

After endless wait,
Happiness did knock,
She finally found the key
to that rusted lock.

Yet, She feared to smile
Didn’t knew if she could trust,
What if it was a dream
and might her bubble burst.

What if the colors would fade
leaving all gray again,
There were still battles to fight
and she didn’t want them in vain.

With her heart racing fast
She gave in a few smiles,
Jumping over with happiness
She walked a few more miles.



17 thoughts on “The Knock

  1. Amazing… Emotions flowing through the entire poetry and very expressive …Amazing Nibhz …Hope I see soon you work in an publication

  2. Sounds like someone’s having a lot of pain and fear while keeping happiness at bay. I hope she manages to overcome it and look beyond the despair and see the silver lining in every day.

  3. Loved the lines, especially the last few ones. We do feel like her at many points in life. She should discard her fear and insecurities and open the doors to happiness.

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