The Blank Notebook

She was so lost in her daydreams that she didn’t even hear when her sister called her name from the other room. It was the third time when her name was called out that she could finally drag herself into reality.
“Yeah?” You called me.
“Yah, I did. Like three to four times before you decided pay your precious attention to my calls!” Priya couldn’t argue back when she knew she was at fault. She meekly smiled, asking for forgiveness.
“Anyway, there’s a parcel waiting for you in the hall. The courier guy just delivered it few minutes ago when you were roaming around in your Neverland”, she said she walked to kitchen muttering now more to herself, “God knows what has happened to her these days.”
Priya hurriedly got up and picked up the package. She tore it apart not having the patience to carefully unpack it as would have been the case otherwise. She wasn’t surprised about the sudden arrival of parcel or who the sender was but rather she was more surprised about the contents of the parcel. She picked up the small card that was sitting silently at the side of the box. It just said,

With love,

There was no name mentioned but then she didn’t need one. She already knew. Thereafter she picked up the pen from the box and then she opened a blank notebook, the last content in the box. This was perplexing her. A blank notebook. But why? She flipped through the notebook in the hope to find those unwritten and unsaid words in between those blank pages. May be those words had finally found a place, she thought to herself. But she was met only with disappointment. Why and what she was expecting. She chided herself.
She picked up the pen and wrote today’s date on first page of it. Whatever it was, it was a special date today. She blushed a little more despite her disappointment. She stared at the blank page for a few minutes, wondering what to write.. and not realizing when she slipped into one of her day dreams again. She was neither brave enough to pen them down nor strong enough to just let them go. She was just blankly staring at the page wishing if only words would magically appear out of nowhere. If only… why was that out of million words said she only wanted to hear the unsaid ones? May be it was just black and white with no shades of grey.. with no words actually left to be said. She was surprised when a tear or two escaped and kissed the blank page of her new notebook. What those tears were for, she wondered. May be those tears said what she couldn’t.
She finally picked up the pen and wrote just one word before closing the notebook and keeping it in her treasure box.


May be that’s the only word enough for it. May be some noteboooks aren’t meant to be filled with words. She tried explaining this to her heart but sometimes, the heart wants what it wants, even if it’s something as simple as a few unsaid words.

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