Splash Of Colors With #BergerXP #MumbaiMemoirs

It was just the other day I had been discussing with a blogger friend of mine that it’s been long since we last attended any meet. It was the very next day when I received the invite to this upcoming Indiblogger Meet by BergerXP. It has been organised earlier in Kolkata and Bangalore and now these people were coming to Mumbai. I couldn’t be happier. I jumped on the opportunity and registered myself for it.

Date: 11th February, 2017

Venue: Vivanta by Taj , Mumbai

Bloggers started to arrive at around 12pm and there began the happy times. Meeting the old familiar faces, making new friends with the new ones, spotting the old friends and catching up with them and initiating new conversations with the new ones. This is how the initial two hours passed by as we digged into the sumptuous meal. Soon after that the event started. The game of musical chairs took us back to our childhood days, also waking any of us from dizziness we might have stepped into after delicious desserts.

The Delicious Deal
Egyptian Dance around the table

Post that, we were told about the Berger Paints and their innovative technique of Express Painting. Berger is amongst the seven of the Unusual Billionaires. Introduced in 2015, after extensive research of 4 years, Berger stands as the pioneers in automating the whole process of painting with Express Painting and making homes beautiful. Implementing innovation and keeping consumer benefits as the prime focus, Berger is the first one to launch designer finish walls and also came up with the new techniques like 100% washable wall paint, dust-proof exterior paints etc, just to name a few.

Berger Express Painting deals with three main problems for ultimate customer satisfaction:

Excessive Time consumption which disrupts daily like of the customer.

The dust caused by the wall sanding.

Customers are often not happy with the finish.

After a short presentation and a quick Q&A session, it was time for some fun-activities. We were shuffled into different teams of 8-9 members and participated in the following two activities.  The first one was Sanding. We were given a board and we had to rub it to make it smooth like the wall ready to be painted. The other one was more fun and creative as it included getting our hands dirty with the paints and paint our idea of Mumbai- City of Dreams. Meanwhile we were also explained the technical know-hows of the color mixing and wall painting. It was interesting to know, so much efforts that go behind in making our homes colorful and beautiful.

The Colorful Palette
Beautiful artworks

After the game with paints, every team went to talk about their painting and the idea of Mumbai that they behold in their heart. It was mesmerizing how much love every one held for  the city of dreams which in different ways never fails to bring everyone closer. The event was concluded with the announcement of the best team for the wonderful artwork and presentation. And then it was time for the customary Indiblogger group photo! No one can miss this for sure! That’s the best part of the Indiblogger Meet, even if everyone is a stranger there, it still feels like family!

The Indiblogger Family

The source of all pictures is Indiblogger unless otherwise mentioned.

This Blogger’s Meet was organised by Indiblogger in association with Berger Paints.

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