Dance Of Love

He kept staring at her across the room. She wasn’t looking at him but her smile told him all he needed to know, that it was only him on her mind.

Not more than often she would steal a glance at him only to be caught by his gaze every single time.

Their face was a tell-tale of how fast their hearts were beating whenever they eyes met. It was proving to difficult, to be so close yet so far. The music that the DJ played, showered no mercy on them; their hearts only ached to be closer as best of love songs filled the room one after the other at the Valentine’s Day party.

After an hour of strolling here and there and trying to socialize, he found her alone, finally not surrounded by any of her friends. He seized the moment and asked her for the dance. Though they knew the eyes would be on them, yet they couldn’t care less. As the music changed and played their favorite, their bodies moved swiftly across the room as though one. She was, what they call, swept off her feet. It was going to be their best memory till date but then the music suddenly stopped.

She woke up and sighed to see that her phone battery had died and hence the music has stopped. But then she saw him fast asleep next to her, holding her hand and a smile made its way on her face.


This post is written for the prompt by Blog-A-Rhythm


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