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There are very rare things that could beat sitting in the balcony with the morning breeze and bleeding away the words. Folks who were in the city for a little while now, left an hour ago. Though I am not alone yet it does feel empty. Just a glance at the calender and I realized that next week it will already be two months for me in this city. I wonder, how quickly time flies.

There isn’t much to share about these two months just the initial hula-boo about the new city, which ofcourse isn’t as new to me. Having lived here before gave me a sense of homecoming when I landed. The days of April were challenging as I struggled to churn out post for AtoZ by the night and settled with new workplace during the day. While I was living at a stone throw distance from my office in Mumbai, here in Delhi I had to commute for more than an hour. Well, this is just the start of comparisons, I think. The two cities are stark opposite in many aspects but it would be demeaning the either one if anyone compares the two. The two cannot be compared, rather shouldn’t be. Having lived in both, there different things each city offers.

The day I landed, I was flooded with welcome texts and number of questions that followed. At times I felt like recording the answers to the similar questions that followed me everywhere. Answering to those questions I found myself asking some to myself too. Then started the house hunt. The house hunt experience was different from that of Mumbai. I would visit places in the morning or evening during commuting to and back from office. Returning home exhausted I would just hit the bed after the dinner. What years of determination couldn’t do was done in just a few days here – turning me into early-to-bed-early-to-rise person. And weekends.. included catching up with friends old and new and exploring hidden parts of the city which were left unseen the last time.

It’s strange how a city changes a person and when you leave, you just don’t leave behind a city you also leave behind a part of yourself that you won’t ever get back. Yes, I do miss me of Mumbai but now is the time for the new beginnings and new stories to write, so I am back with a new chapter for #DelhiDiaries

8 thoughts on “To New Stories Ahead #DelhiDiaries

  1. How true! We left part of us in one place that carefully keeps the thread. No wonder the city keep calling us for our soul is lost somewhere. Hope Delhi treating you well.

  2. Welcome to saddi dilli ji – its truly a dilwalon ka shehar or so I feel from my 20 odd years of living here. Sure we have our problems and issues but this city has unbeatable open spaces, towering trees and the most gorgeous monuments; oh I forgot the food and cultural events one gets to gorge on to satiate both the tummy and the soul!
    I hope you love it here too; looking forward to your delhi diaries to know more about my city!!! 🙂

  3. Welcome to Delhi!

    This is so true -“It’s strange how a city changes a person and when you leave, you just don’t leave behind a city you also leave behind a part of yourself that you won’t ever get back.”

    Hope Delhi, gives you new adventures, adds layers to your personality and helps you grow and learn further.
    Aditi Kaushiva recently wrote…‘Love Scenes’ captured by Dan Llywelyn HallMy Profile

  4. That last para resonates with me, Nibha. After moving from different parts of the world, I feel the same. It is a good experience though, right? When we were in the U.K. My then 4 and a half year old son too learned to walk 1 to 2 miles to get around the town. After coming back to Phoenix we are back in the car, putting an end to our walking segment for now. Like that how different each place conditions us. I feel bad moving around but looking back I think it is an honor and a rare experience. Looking forward to you Delhi Stories.
    Vinitha recently wrote…A Handwritten Poem #FridayReflectionsMy Profile

  5. Wow… I like the lifestyle, early to bed early to rise, weekends explore the City and caught up with friends(: … I love some of the things you mention –
    1) When you leave a City you leave a part of you with it
    2) The 2 Cities cannot be compared
    I love your attitude towards the City and how you tuned yourself to it… seems like a life that’s nice… wishing you great and safe times at Delhi.
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