(E)mbrace #AtoZChallenge #DelhiDiaries

Today, I completed the exact two years of being in this city. Time flies, no doubt. These two years had nothing but been a hell of a ride for sure. With all ups and downs, the contribution of this city in making me who I am today is beyond the scope of mere words. Though I had promised to continue my #DelhiDiaries as life took over everything else, pages were surely filled but weren’t shared. 

Just a little poem to celebrate a day that means a lot to me and will continue to always remind me of good days ahead.


Two years ago a story resumed
About love, dreams and the chase
Delhi, with its beauty and flaws
In my heart, I began to embrace!

© Inking Expressions
th April, 2019

This April join me in a marathon of #Poetry with #AtoZ#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

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